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I have such strong cravings for specific fic scenarios. There's oodles of DW fic, of course, but what I want is so specific I haven't been able to find anything like it among that cornucopia yet... I also still absolutely crave Laundry fic (a mini fandom with a total of 15 stories on AO3, on last count *sigh*)... And I still kind of want a sequel to my favourite LoM fic from back in the day.

This is all very frustrating.


Mar. 26th, 2012 04:36 pm
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My "stick to canon" tendencies are also a large part of why Sam's canonically stated but never actually properly seen relationships in 2006 had such importance to me, instead of the seen in detail, but canonically stated to be imaginary, relationships he had in 1973.

I wonder what that says about me. Is it part of some kind of dysfunction, this "deprivileging" of emotional reality?

Though maybe canon in this case just fit my predilections and prejudices best? In reading and writing, I'm into alienation, after all (among other things) and a Sam who is yearning to return to the present is more alienated than a Sam who's just happy in 1973 and feels really at home there. So I needed Sam to care about 2006, I needed those relationships to matter to him, and thus they were real to me. I've been known to ignore parts of canon in other fandoms - in my personal HL universe, for example, the silly Ahriman stuff never happened.

So maybe I only closely stick to canon in shows where canon is inherently compatible with my reading kinks. (I would have liked a happy ending for Sam in LoM, but it would probably have killed my urge to write in the fandom, because where can you go after that, if angst is what you're after? :D)

... I should go and do something important now.
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here's In Which We Burn, by halotolerant, which does everything right (for me):

- It doesn't focus on sex. At all. :D
- It features ISSUES. (Issues are my porn.)
- It puts the relationship in its context.
- It shows the relationship happening in a suitably repressed and hidden way - which is the only way I can see it happening at all, in 1973, between two police officers.

I'm actually really interested in that whole social context thing. That's why I love Mikey's Undercover series. (Loz, I'm sure I'll love yours, too. :D)

More recs here soon. Not much slash, though. Hey, this is me reccing. You're mostly gonna get gen from me.
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There's still something I utterly don't get about slash in LoM fandom - and it's not the sex, although that still doesn't do anything for me. But I 'get' why the sex might be interesting for people.

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Mar. 4th, 2012 06:40 pm
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It just occurred to me that I've never focused on relationships as much, in any of my fandoms, as in Life on Mars. Even though most of my fic here still isn't properly shippy as such, Sam's relationships are an important element in nearly all of my stories, published and in progress. In earlier fandoms, I focused much more on "solo angst" and solo character studies and so on.

It's very difficult to write Sam without giving him someone to interact with (which mostly means, someone to hurt, though usually inadvertently).

Actually, this may be due to the way the last episode changed my view of him, though. Before that (and, to some degree, after) I enjoyed Sam-focused angst (based on the coma/time travel/insanity aspect) perfectly well. I can't seem to write it, though - not without adding the mess of his relationships. It seems, I dunno, indulgent? Not true to his character?

Oh look, I meta'd. (A tiny little bit.)
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After some dithering, I've decided to make Cut Along the Dotted Line my main writing project for now. That's the Sam/Maya thing (aka "the brain damage fic" - though really, that sounds much, much worse than it is, I swear) that used to be called Möglichkeitssinn and before that was called, blandly, Moving On. It's an ancient one (though not as ancient as my FS and HL WiPs, of course), started even before The MAD Doctrine, and it's probably gonna be short - it's something like a page and a half now, and for the past three years or so has only been shrinking, rather than growing, although I do need to start adding new stuff to it now that I've done some thorough weeding.

It seems fitting, to look at Sam's other messed up relationship, now that I've done Sam/Annie.

All this sounds rather more het-shippy than it really is, btw. This is still me writing, after all, and I don't do shippy. (I only do messy. Though, seriously, this is one of my less messy fics about people not really talking to each other.)

This fic has resisted me rather strongly in the past, mostly because it seems almost impossible that Maya could stay with Sam, yet she does in this fic and I still don't quite understand why and she's not really telling me. And Maya has other shit going on that I'm not sure how to handle, as well. But last week something seemed to move, although only infinitesimally, perhaps. Anyway, it feels slightly more manageable to actually add something to this now, so I'm going to try. Hard.
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Title: The MAD Doctrine
Author: Hmpf MacSlow
Rating: General audiences or teen and up
Word Count: ca. 6,500 words
Notes: Stellar beta, as usual, by the very awesome [personal profile] beccatoria. Much useful discussion, throughout the years of this fic's gestation, was had with [personal profile] space_oddity_75. Official Bowie consultant: [profile] jazzymegster. Other musical advice: [profile] lozenger8. Footnote formatting advice: [personal profile] mikes_grrl. Also, thanks to anyone else who endured my ramblings about this story in the past five years.
Soundtrack and lyrics: Here. (Link fixed.)
Summary: Back to the future. . . the long way 'round.

This will be posted to lifein1973 as well, in a moment.

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Feb. 19th, 2012 04:18 pm
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The MAD Doctrine

is done. I think.

(Waiting for the final ok for the revised version. Got a good feeling, though.)

That's why I need the info about how to make footnotes around here. There's a couple of places where that fic needs footnotes.


My first "proper" Life on Mars fic! And it only took five years, lol! (Yep, five not six - I found the earliest version and it's from March 2007.) So excited!!!!

Years ago I promised Loz I'd muster the courage to read her stuff once I'd published my first real LoM fic. Guess I'll have to do that now. OH THE HARDSHIP. (Part of me's still scared. But part of me also wants to go for a good long archive trawl in that fandom now.) - Speaking of archives... I've neglected the archive terribly, for years and years and years... another one of the constant sources of guilt in my life. I'm officially still an admin, completely undeservedly. Not something I can remedy right now, what with my life being entirely in limbo at the moment, but definitely something that's not forgotten. One of the things I need to find a space for in my life.
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Still just under 5,300, because of course I had to go and cut a lot today before I went and added something new.

Seeing now that a lot of what I wrote so quickly in the last few days still needs a whole lot of work. Not sure of my characterisation in a few places; that Sam's been weird ever since the War doesn't help. It's difficult to gauge how weird, and in which specific ways, he would be in any given situation...

I thought I'd killed younger!Sam, the day before yesterday, but now I think he's actually still alive. That's good - even though the news of his death didn't seem to faze older!Sam much at all (though maybe it partly inspired his casual cruelty against the creepy crawlies in his garden - I dunno). Still, there's really been enough death in this story.

I think I found the ending today. Haven't written it yet, but I really know what's going to happen. I think.

I also think I wrote the first of two missing transitions today, though that may not be quite done yet.


And now, a note on another fic - one I wrote years ago and am about to revise a bit before I post it on AO3. That fic's set on another planet, whose surface I described, at the time, thus: ... there is no horizon, the emptiness of the ground melting into the emptiness of the sky. I'd never actually seen anything like that, but a few days ago I found this photo from Antarctica:

Yep, that's sky meeting ground there, although you can't see any horizon. It looks almost like I imagined it, except in my story the sky and the ground were much closer in colour, so the effect would be even more confusing.


And, courtesy of Improv Everywhere, via boingboing, here's what would happen if an Immortal went to an art gallery and stood in front of his own portrait:

Take-home message: immortals really need to stop worrying about being recognised. The public doesn't give a shit. :D


Going flat hunting tomorrow.


Mar. 1st, 2011 12:42 am
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I owe some people here replies, have been owing them replies for quite a while, in some cases. Will try to get to that... soon... ish. Things are... odd, here, right now. Busy, strained, and unpredictable.


I've again taken to visiting lifein1973 occasionally, recently. Bad idea. I'm hearing the siren's call of fic (the reading of it, not the writing of it). Yet I can't really jump back into that before I've finished at least one, possibly even more than one 'big' LoM fics; I promised myself that years ago. There's too high a likelihood that reading would kill my writing dead. (Taking one very quick look at Loz's most recent offering proved the validity of that fear to me again. *sigh*)

Back to the Future, still the closest candidate for that first 'big' fic, will be four years old and nearly nine and a half pages long (not quite 5,000 words yet), soon. The first digital version of it I have is from March 21, 2007. There were slightly earlier ones on paper, I think, but only by a few weeks, if that much.

It's tantalisingly close to being finished; maybe a page still to go. But, of course, I'm kind of stuck. Again. (Actually made a bit of progress over the last few days, before I got stuck again.)


To anyone new here: Yes, that's four years of continuous work, not four years of burying the fic in the virtual desk drawer. Did I mention I'm slow?
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editing the beginning of The Man Who Fell to Earth, aka "the 2.08 survival fic", down to four pages. I think what I have left now is fairly solid, aside from the obvious problems I have with keeping dialogue in character, especially for the 1970s crowd. The main problem, though, the problem that has kept me from continuing this project since 2008, is that this *needs* some 1970s plot (as well as convincing character interaction in those parts of the story) to really work, and I can't for the life of me come up with one.

I need help. I think I need someone to read what I have - someone with a solid handle on the 1970s characters and the police setting and so on - and then I need that person to have a chat with me. At the very least. Possibly more than a chat. (Sometimes I think I need a co-author.)
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1.) Who knew? Ken's into fur:

(Why's that tangentially LoM related? - What, despite my recommendations people here still aren't familiar with the works of [ profile] mikes_grrl? Shame on you.)

2.) The Red Riding trilogy. Haven't watched it yet, but will probably do so soon. Has it had any impact on LoM fandom? And, more importantly, is Andrew Garfield's character wearing Sam's jacket? (So far I've only seen a couple of stills, but in those it sure looks similar!) ETA: Okay, having seen a couple more stills now, I can say it definitely isn't The Jacket.
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There's some stuff in the newest bits I love; some I'm indifferent about. Maybe that will change (either the indifference, or the text itself).

Spoilerphobes beware, here comes a preview. At the moment I mostly like this:

Read more... )

You know, I think this is the third preview from this story I've posted here, over the years. (I have no self-control.) Before, you had a breakfast scene with radishes; and, years ago, a bit from the war...

Mind you;

Nov. 15th, 2010 01:29 am
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even though I am about 200 words into page nine now, it's still incredibly difficult going. So much has to happen in the remaining page and a half or so. Half of which I still only have the vaguest idea of.

So hard.

Wish I could talk to someone about this. Sometimes it helps. (Sometimes it doesn't.)
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Especially the current story, as that's, in a way, all about some psychological subtexts of the 1970s/1980s. I've just done a leeetle bit of listening on youtube and reading around on Wikipedia and, as a couple times before, am struck again by the resonances between not just LoM-the-show and Bowie, but, more particularly, Sam and Bowie - even Sam-in-my-fic, who isn't really the Sam of the show, and Bowie.

Maybe I should put a couple of Bowie albums on my Chrismas wish list. Though I was kinda hoping I'd be able to finish this fic before Christmas. ETA: <-- This is not a promise.
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wordcount: 4235. Nope, not done yet. ETA: And not quite my longest sustained narrative yet, either. Getting there, I think.
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is not titled Back to the Future anymore, I think. Or rather, I've realised that Back to the Future is probably a working title. But what will the real title be? Maggie doesn't live here anymore? Probably not. The MAD Doctrine? I kinda like that one, but it's a pretty bad spoiler, at least in terms of alerting people of one part of the direction the story is taking after a certain point. I don't really want to foreshadow that. (Sorry, everybody reading my LJ: I'm afraid you are already thoroughly spoiled.)

Odd, how some fics change titles and others don't. Normal used to be Coming Home. Moving On became Möglichkeitssinn became Cut Along the Dotted Line, progressing from sickeningly trite through ridiculously obscure to its only proper title. And some fics are born from their title (68 Wives, for a very obvious example).

I reread the entire fic today. I fixed some of the smaller problems of the earlier parts, and I'm now about one sentence and a couple of vague ideas into the last (or next-to-last) part. Well; aside from the fact that I seem to be stuck at the top of page nine, I'm still really thrilled with the story. Really thrilled. As in, this may turn out to be my best fic yet.

If I don't frell up the last part, that is.
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Still like it.


Currently reading:

Neal Stephenson: Anathem (awesome)
Mark Z. Danielewski: House of Leaves (creepy)

Reading them in parallel because a) I want to make Anathem last longer and b) House of Leaves on its own would creep me out too badly.


Regarding the flat:

- Washing machine broken again
- Hot water access decidedly spotty

Page 9!!!

Oct. 11th, 2010 12:45 pm
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At (only) 4250 words, because the last page was largely dialogue with lots of one-sentence paragraphs. :D

Still, this is already my fourth-longest story even though it's unfinished. When it's finished it will probably be the third or second-longest.

Unfortunately with the last bit I've reached the end of the current part, and I don't quite know how to begin the next.

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