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General casual fandom blogging now happening here:

Compartmenalising Hmpf @ tumblr

Longer text posts may still appear here on dw and lj occasionally. Certainly any needs-to-be-flocked, kinda-personal stuff will, as well as alerts when I post new fic. But the casual stuff's on tumblr now. I'm sorry. :-(

I kinda hate tumblr, but I'm logged in there 24/7 because it's still one of the better sources of Radiohead news; may as well do my non-Radiohead blogging there, too, for the time being.
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(Gonna reply to your replies soon, just had a very busy few days...)

Is anyone here planning to attend the 2017 Worldcon in Helsinki? The membership rates are about to go up, on Feb. 14, so if you're planning to go, now would be the time to sign up! I'm going to do so this week, I think (still need to check some stuff at work before I do, though).
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I don't think I have been this excited about fic since I first discovered it in 1998.

I just named my brand new fic download folder "FIC! OMG FIC!" It just felt natural.
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I was busy reading all the Doctor Who fic but then it suddenly occurred to me that I've never seriously checked out Twin Peaks fic, ever, so I went and read all of that, and now I urgently have to make a definitive recs post but don't have the time.

The joy of coming back to reading fanfiction after a long pause is finding that since you last checked any archive, a million new stories have been posted...
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I'm doing it all again. Reading fanfiction through entire sleepless nights (including some really cracky and/or icky ones, out of sheer despair); beginning to look for vids (very slowly and tentatively, because I still haven't quite figured out how to do this nowadays; also, I don't actually have a lot of spare time)... delurking on forums, or their modern-day equivalent, reddit. - Today I was misidentified there as the BBC marketing department, for suggesting people worrying about Capaldi leaving the show should probably buy the DVDs/blurays now, to send a signal to the BBC. Also, a few days ago one of my posts spawned a Radio Times article, lol.

I'd probably be writing fic, too, if I didn't have so many other unfinished fics and also, if DW canon weren't so intimidatingly vast.

I think I need a new icon, don't I? Hm.
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I have such strong cravings for specific fic scenarios. There's oodles of DW fic, of course, but what I want is so specific I haven't been able to find anything like it among that cornucopia yet... I also still absolutely crave Laundry fic (a mini fandom with a total of 15 stories on AO3, on last count *sigh*)... And I still kind of want a sequel to my favourite LoM fic from back in the day.

This is all very frustrating.
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Should perhaps clarify: the source of my recent resurge of interest in Doctor Who is (mostly) this guy.

Plus the fact that ep 9x11, Heaven Sent, is one of the best hours of television I've seen in my life.
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Hello. Anyone still around?

Since December I've developed a mild Doctor Who obsession. (Not for the first time; it's like a sort of fandom malaria that only flares up every four years. This is the third flare-up since 2005.) I want vids and fic, urgently, but as usual the fandom isn't really in tune with what I want and isn't writing any of the stuff I want. And as for vids, I'm not sure how to look for them anymore these days. Woe.

Here's a tumblr sideblog I made about Peter Capaldi. (Not that much happening there, as you can see. This is a minor obsession, and also, I've been working like crazy for the last five weeks or so, which doesn't leave me with much fandom time.)

I've also been posting a bit on reddit, when I got a bit too desperate for fannish conversation, lol. Also, I just miss forums as a format for conversation.

The other major internet place where I still do anything on a regular basis is goodreads, in case you're curious about what I'm reading. (Damn, I need to catch up on my reviews there.) I'm curious about what *you* are reading!

In theory I'm also on twitter, but I find it difficult to check that regularly.
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I've already ensured that I'll be a sleep-deprived zombie at work tomorrow, and a complete wreck after work, so I won't be in any state to be creative or social throughout the entire day either.

Which is basically what happens all the time. I'm rarely well-rested, and usually a wreck after work.
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though really, even if I completely stopped the minimal amount of social activity that I still pursue (basically, seeing three or four friends once a year or every other year, and another one who tends to be a bit more flexible with her time a little more often than that) - that wouldn't really open up very many days for creative pursuits. Would I get an appreciable amount of writing done if I had five to seven days a year for it that I currently don't have?

I wish my commute wasn't chopped into so many small pieces. I might be able to get some writing done there. But it's all in 7-15 minute chunks - not long enough to really sink your mental teeth into anything.
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Actually, considering the very real time constraints, I probably need to focus on just one of the two: social life *or* creativity.

Social life or writing.

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because I'm in a deep, heart-pounding panic over how thoroughly I'm wasting the very limited time I have left (three decades of useable brain time, give or take a few years, maybe - I'm from an Alzheimer family and it mostly seems to hit us in our mid-seventies, so I can't really count on more time than that) by doing exactly nothing of any of the things that I feel are the most important in my life.

I am a complete non-presence in the lives of aging relatives whom I love, who may not be around very long anymore, and whom I still don't manage to contact more than once a year.

I am a complete non-presence in the lives of my friends, whom I don't deserve to call friends anymore, who may not think of me as a friend anymore, either, because I've been absent for the better part of a decade.

I haven't really been making new friends either (well - one, I guess.)

I haven't written more than a sentence or two in a whole year.

I haven't done any work on my game level. I haven't done any jewellery design work.

I haven't done any activism in a year or more, and very little in the three or four years before that.

I haven't been active in fandom in any way for years, either.

All my energy is consumed by the daily chores of living: commuting, and working, and grocery shopping, and doing the dishes and the laundry, and so on. There is nothing left for anything else, and there's absolutely no sign of that *ever* changing, because when you work 30 days a month, how *do* you find energy for anything that isn't work?

Last Sunday I was sick and I was so damn grateful. I had a whole day to myself! I couldn't really get into the right frame of mind to actually get creative even so, though. But at least I managed to go through some of my old writing notes.

Maybe I need to *not* go on a "proper" holiday, next year. Maybe I need to portion my vacation days out throughout the year instead, two or three of them every other month, and dedicate those days to creative pursuits and my social life? But how much of both of these can you accomplish in two days every other month?

And anyway, can you resurrect a social life that's been dead for so long? Don't you, rather, have to create a new one from scratch? (Which of course takes more time than a day or two every other month.)

How do you have a life? Will I actually learn how to figure this out before I die?

Book chain

Sep. 3rd, 2015 08:26 pm
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Anybody else ever have that thing happen where books you read one after the other seem to have strange random connections? E.g. the first one has a bit with two big birds attacking the narrator. The second one also has a bit with two big birds attacking someone; also, its main theme is... matter always reconfiguring again in the same ways? The one you read after that starts with a quote by Engels about how matter always returns to the same shapes or something... etc.

Happens to me all the time, and sometimes it's really strange. Several books sharing several characters with the same names; or tackling the same theme *and* the same time period... I should really write all these coincidences down... I think the longest chain of that sort I ever encountered was something like five or six books long. I don't remember the actual links, though.
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Hello. Home from three weeks in Britain (mostly Wales). Brought 13 new books. Got nearly no reading done while there, though - somehow I was always too busy planning the next bit of my trip or looking out bus and train windows at the rainy but lovely scenery to read. Oh well. Lots of commuting time coming up to read all those books... and having such a nice stack of books waiting to be read *almost* makes me look forward to going back to work.


Sorry I've been absent forever and ever. I kept losing my password and eventually couldn't be bothered to keep making new ones. Current one's very intuitive, though, so maybe this time I'll remember? Fingers crossed.

Anyone still here? I miss fandom a lot. I know most of it is on tumblr now but... blech.
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Farscape. John-centric. Vignette/ficlet (ca. 1000 words). Angst (naturally).

Dead Man's Jacket

Let me know if there are any language/style issues - I made some changes after I ran it past my wonderful beta beccatoria, so there *may* be problems that were introduced due to my meddling with it after the betaing.
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I know I've essentially bragged about how good I think it is before, and I know that's obnoxious. Yet... it's the only thing I've ever written that makes me *really* feel, "Wow, I can write!!" whenever I read it. At this point I don't even care that it made a reasonable splash upon its original posting but afterwards sort of sank like a stone. It just makes me feel good to reread it and realise that, yes, I can write.

(It's another question if I can also write plot...)


Nov. 6th, 2014 09:42 pm
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I noticed, going back through my writing tag to see if I'd posted about the novel before, that I made several posts about the bizarre response patterns of The MAD Doctrine's reception. One of the things I noted in those entries was that it only ever got one comment on AO3, and that comment was from a reader who didn't know LoM. I'm baffled to report that this is now officially a pattern: the only other comment the fic ever received there is also from a non-LoM reader! o.O It's like this story is already being received as if it was original fiction, not fanfic - no need to file off the serial numbers! (At least on AO3. The two comments it received on may be from LoM readers, though it's impossible to tell for sure. And yes, two comments on AO3 and two comments on is all the feedback it ever engendered after the intial posting on lifein1973, where it received a fair bit - and this is also an interesting thing to observe, considering it's probably head and shoulders above anything else I've written.)


Nov. 6th, 2014 09:35 pm
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did I actually mention the novel here before? I think maybe I didn't.

So, yes. I'm writing a novel. Haha. (Haha, because I still have absolutely no idea how to do plot. This seems like it might end up being a bit of a stumbling block...)

It's sf/fantasy (it's probably the former but feels mostly like the latter), it means I have to do a shitload of research in at least half a dozen disciplines, and it's, unexpectedly, a love story at heart. I think.

It's all a bit vague yet.

It started back in March or so. 3,540 words in seven months is actually pretty good for me! Now I'm stuck, though, because now I really seriously need a plot.
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is done, I think. Or at least the first draft is done, at 3,540 words.

Also been writing some fic recently, adding some 1,000 words to the old LoM crossover, heh. (And I also finished a very inconsequential Farscape ficlet this year, pretty much out of extreme frustration because I hadn't finished any fic at all in nearly two years. I'll have to send that out for betaing sometime, but it's kinda hard to make myself, because it's such a pointless little not-even-really-a-story. Maybe I should post it un-beta'd instead. It's frankly not worth the time it would take someone to beta it.)

I also reread The MAD Doctrine today, for the first time in quite a while, and... HOLY SHIT. IT'S SO GREAT. HOW DID I WRITE SOMETHING THIS GOOD?!?

Seriously thinking of filing the serial numbers off that one, expanding it a bit to add the necessary background, and trying to sell it as original fiction. (Well okay, it's probably not quite good enough as a standalone story, because it's hard to do something genuinely new with a time travel story. But wow, is it a good fic... Best thing I ever wrote, by quite a margin.)

ETA: Link added. In case there's anyone here who hasn't read the story, or would like to reread, or whatever.
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.... will work out after all!

I managed to get rid of that inconvenient shift on the 18th. YAY!

ALSO: I can probably make some time to meet Rebeccas (as well as people of other names, but so far only Rebeccas have expressed an interest) on one or two of the evenings? I checked the programme and it really thins out considerably later in the evenings, though I've managed to lose my list of Potentially Available Evenings that I made day before yesterday, and am currently too tired to make a new one. Will do so tomorrow evening after work, probably. But, uhm, feel free to let me know which days would be good for you?

Granted, by now it may be too late because by now probably everybecca is all booked up.

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