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Farscape. John-centric. Vignette/ficlet (ca. 1000 words). Angst (naturally).

Dead Man's Jacket

Let me know if there are any language/style issues - I made some changes after I ran it past my wonderful beta beccatoria, so there *may* be problems that were introduced due to my meddling with it after the betaing.
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I know I've essentially bragged about how good I think it is before, and I know that's obnoxious. Yet... it's the only thing I've ever written that makes me *really* feel, "Wow, I can write!!" whenever I read it. At this point I don't even care that it made a reasonable splash upon its original posting but afterwards sort of sank like a stone. It just makes me feel good to reread it and realise that, yes, I can write.

(It's another question if I can also write plot...)


Nov. 6th, 2014 09:42 pm
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I noticed, going back through my writing tag to see if I'd posted about the novel before, that I made several posts about the bizarre response patterns of The MAD Doctrine's reception. One of the things I noted in those entries was that it only ever got one comment on AO3, and that comment was from a reader who didn't know LoM. I'm baffled to report that this is now officially a pattern: the only other comment the fic ever received there is also from a non-LoM reader! o.O It's like this story is already being received as if it was original fiction, not fanfic - no need to file off the serial numbers! (At least on AO3. The two comments it received on may be from LoM readers, though it's impossible to tell for sure. And yes, two comments on AO3 and two comments on is all the feedback it ever engendered after the intial posting on lifein1973, where it received a fair bit - and this is also an interesting thing to observe, considering it's probably head and shoulders above anything else I've written.)


Nov. 6th, 2014 09:35 pm
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did I actually mention the novel here before? I think maybe I didn't.

So, yes. I'm writing a novel. Haha. (Haha, because I still have absolutely no idea how to do plot. This seems like it might end up being a bit of a stumbling block...)

It's sf/fantasy (it's probably the former but feels mostly like the latter), it means I have to do a shitload of research in at least half a dozen disciplines, and it's, unexpectedly, a love story at heart. I think.

It's all a bit vague yet.

It started back in March or so. 3,540 words in seven months is actually pretty good for me! Now I'm stuck, though, because now I really seriously need a plot.
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is done, I think. Or at least the first draft is done, at 3,540 words.

Also been writing some fic recently, adding some 1,000 words to the old LoM crossover, heh. (And I also finished a very inconsequential Farscape ficlet this year, pretty much out of extreme frustration because I hadn't finished any fic at all in nearly two years. I'll have to send that out for betaing sometime, but it's kinda hard to make myself, because it's such a pointless little not-even-really-a-story. Maybe I should post it un-beta'd instead. It's frankly not worth the time it would take someone to beta it.)

I also reread The MAD Doctrine today, for the first time in quite a while, and... HOLY SHIT. IT'S SO GREAT. HOW DID I WRITE SOMETHING THIS GOOD?!?

Seriously thinking of filing the serial numbers off that one, expanding it a bit to add the necessary background, and trying to sell it as original fiction. (Well okay, it's probably not quite good enough as a standalone story, because it's hard to do something genuinely new with a time travel story. But wow, is it a good fic... Best thing I ever wrote, by quite a margin.)

ETA: Link added. In case there's anyone here who hasn't read the story, or would like to reread, or whatever.
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I've been very nearly completely offline for... weeks (pretty much since I made my last post here, exactly), and only partly online again for... a week or so. My laptop died. Completely. Not even the "power on" diode is working anymore. My ancient desktop, after a three-day period of trying and failing again and again, turned out to be incompatible with Linux (which I tried to put on it so as to have at least *some* sort of working computer again with which to go online and look for computer advice as well as start shopping for a new laptop). I'm now on a borrowed eight-year-old laptop (which was also broken/heavily infected with something, and which has an extraordinarily crappy keyboard), on which I installed Linux and which is therefore, now, somewhat safe to use for going online again. I've also finally ordered a new laptop, which should be delivered sometime this week. Pheew.

The novel is now at 1,500 words, roughly, btw. Have been somewhat stuck/blocked for a while though, mainly because I have some trouble developing the setting in my mind - seems like I can't really write unless I can imagine the world my protagonists live in. I've started borrowing lots of geography books from the local library; maybe that will help.

I've finally started reading comics again! I sort of fell off that particular wagon a year or two ago, mainly because I switched to reading more novels again. I've started reading Saga now (which had been brought to my attention a couple of times before, but I wasn't in comic buying mode then, so it never stuck). It's good, but not as weird as I feel I'd been promised. I think reading Finder and Donna Barr's stuff and assorted Manga has forever ruined me for finding any comic coming out of the mainstream weird. The world also doesn't feel quite as fully realised to me yet as reviews had led me to expect. Again, I'm probably spoiled by Finder. Still, it's promising - and it's definitely a flavour that you don't get much in comics, so I'll support it for that, too. Mind you, I only have the first volume, so far.

Prince Robot is totally modelled on The One Electronic, though.

One thing that's kind of interesting is that what Saga tries to do - telling a love story about an established relationship, against a background of large-scale conflict - is *sort of* what I'm trying to do in my novel. Huh.

As for weirder comics: Finder: Third World, the story that was serialised in Dark Horse Presents, is finally getting a trade paperback release in August. This is making me very, very, very, very happy.

Also, it seems there will be a Hellblazer, pardon, Constantine (pronounced wrong, though, ugh) tv show? Not sure how I feel about that, but it's reminded me of the fact that my Hellblazer collection is sadly incomplete. Turns out that now they're finally collecting the whole shebang from the beginning and without gaps. Well, hooray. Only I've already bought about a third of the entire run in various other forms. I doubt the new collections will neatly fill the gaps in my stack of issues and trades, so I suppose I'll end up with lots of spares. Meh.

I also still haven't read the actual ending of the actual comic (stopped reading for money reasons, a while before it ended). Was it okay? Or is it better to just... not read it, ever?

Aaaand speaking of London magicians, I also recently read Rivers of London and enjoyed it quite a lot. What I didn't enjoy quite as much were some of the spoilers I read online about Lesley's future. Fingers crossed that those were misinterpretations or something. Now waiting for the second volume to be delivered... which should have arrived last week already, so I'm getting antsy.

Right, well, gotta get off this thing now as it's getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow...
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There's no time, though.
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for instance, the *only* comment the story got on AO3 is from a reader who doesn't know the fandom at all, and got there via a rec from *another* "external", i.e. non-LoM-fandom reader.

I mean, this is brilliant, of course! Getting feedback and recs from readers who aren't into the fandom you're writing about is among the biggest compliments there are, in my book, because it's that much harder to make someone care about your characters if they're not already invested in them. So, wow, that comment and that rec made me very, very happy.

But to have that be the *only* feedback you get in a given place is also... somewhat weird, isn't it? :D

(Yes, I do know it's because everyone else already commented on LJ.)


Jul. 31st, 2012 09:55 pm
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If you ever see a fic of mine - but especially The MAD Doctrine - recced anywhere, I'd be grateful for a link. Not that I think it will get recced (I'm not active enough in the fandom to remain in people's memories long enough these days, I think). But just in case it does, it'd make me happy to know.
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I just remembered that I posted The MAD Doctrine to at some point, and decided to check if there'd been any comments. (I know, I know, it's, and you take it seriously at your peril - and I *don't* take it very seriously, as demonstrated by the fact I forget about it for months at a time.) So... still zero comments. Basically everything else on the first page (yep, it's still on the first page - there isn't much new LoM fic anymore) of the LoM section has comments. (Well, there are three other fics that don't. All of those are much more recent, though.)

But, seriously: *usually* (judging by other fics I've posted there in the past, that is) I got *some* kind of feedback there eventually. So what is it about The MAD Doctrine that makes it so unattractive? It just puzzles me.

(It's also not been getting any new comments anywhere else, not after the first two weeks or so, but I guess that's normal in a small, aging fandom.)

Hmm. I guess the thing bothers me because I kind of thought this would be a fic that would certainly not find a huge audience (I generally don't write the kind of stuff that finds huge audiences ;-)) but I *was* fairly confident that it would find the occasional reader who'd *really* love it - and those are usually the people who leave some feedback. I didn't really expect more than one or two such readers (on But a complete lack of feedback in four or five months basically means it didn't really find *any* reader like that there at all. And that surprises me (and saddens me a bit, too).

I have enough hubris to still believe it's among the very best things I've written. But it does make me wonder if, I dunno, perhaps most of the reading audience of's LoM section consists of people who remember me as an insufferable arrogant asshole from TRA? Or something. It brings out my paranoid side - I'm wondering, "Is it *me* they dislike?"

And yeah, I know it's vastly more likely that they dislike - or rather, just don't care about - the fic rather than myself. It's been five years, and fandom doesn't have that long a memory, so the people who are reading stuff on now probably don't know that I have A History.

I guess ultimately I kind of prefer to believe that it's me, and not the fic, though. I don't want to believe that I wrote something that doesn't move anyone. (And initial feedback did seem to indicate that it *did* work for people! But maybe the LJ audience is just very different.)

God, it's been what, six months? I need to stop angsting periodically about this.

It's the ridiculous amounts of time that elapse between my fics that mostly causes this particular brand of angst, I bet. Normal people would have published half a dozen fics since February, so feedback for a fic from February would be a very distant concern...
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... for The MAD Doctrine continue to puzzle: a few weeks ago I posted it to (I always also post my stuff to, simply because it *is* the biggest archive there is, and for many people who aren't as deeply into fandom as we here tend to be it's still their main or only source of fic). Usually you get at least a couple of comments there - The MAD Doctrine got none. I wonder why. Not shippy enough? Too shippy? Not enough Gene? Hell, even the blatant Mary Sues there get comments!

Ah well. It's Who understands

Interestingly, comments on LJ have dried up completely after the first couple of days, too. This feels unusual - but it may be just normal, I dunno.

Heh. All of which reminds me: I need to get back to my big trawl of mars_daily... I'm sorry, I've been a bit in the dumps the last couple of weeks. Also, distracted by visitors, and computer games, and new furniture.


Apr. 5th, 2012 12:04 am
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the bad fics I posted (the imperfectly revised early!fic, and the Matthew draft) are making me physically uncomfortable.

(I just had a look at my fic folder, trying to decide which unfinished fics to print out for five days off-line. That's what brought on this fit of embarrassment.)

I apologise for having inflicted unfinished stuff/badly revised stuff on you. The next time you'll see either of those fics they'll be a lot better, I promise.
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but Things Are Happening with the Maya fic (albeit slowly). So I NEED to write.

I think I'm finally seeing a way forward.



Thought about getting rid of things again today. Depending on what criteria I use, I may have a few more books I could get rid of. Possibly some CDs.

I wonder about the people who manage to reduce their belongings to a dozen things or so. Do they really not own anything of sentimental value at all? No photo albums they've inherited from their grandparents? No gifts from friends? Nothing they keep around just because it's beautiful?

Also, I think I'm technically obligated by law to keep a certain amount of paperwork. And even just the paperwork that has amassed throughout the last 12 months already fills more than one fat ringbinder. So, how do people manage to get rid of that kind of thing?
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Still broken.


I'm never gonna get that one right, am I?

(Srsly, guys, concrit on that one is so, so appreciated.)
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Family stuff; staying at a place without internet connection, probably.


Oh, and this bit from a comments conversation (at dreamwidth) seems like I should post it in a more visible place:

>>BTW, I really hope all my talking about The MAD Doctrine hereabouts hasn't built up your expectations too much. I'm kinda terrible when I've finished something (and also before I finish something, come to think of it :D) - I just can't stop talking about it.

It's perfectly okay to be underwhelmed by the fic. Just saying. :-) I mean, reactions so far have been really good, and even without feedback I would be pretty sure I have a good story there, on some level. But ultimately fic is at least as much about hitting the right "kink" buttons as it is about the technicalities of writing, so even a good story may fall flat for some readers. And also, of course, opinions on what's a good story, even just on technical terms, vary... and even I may come to think, eventually, that The MAD Doctrine wasn't that good after all. It's just pretty damn good for me at my current level of skill, but that's a rather relative kind of "good". :D

- Just seemed like a thing I should perhaps say clearly and in public, seeing as how I've been monologising about my fic for months here, now.
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brought to you by Hmpf's subconscious desire to demonstrate why she better take years over any fic.

Seriously, without my insane kind of patience, that kind of stuff would be all you'd get from me.

Scary, eh?

*Much* better to wait.

(Epilogue will go back into revision, too, of course. Though I'd still welcome concrit here - I've been trying to "fix" that one for so long that I kind of suspect I need someone to look it over with fresh eyes, because I just can't "see" it properly anymore.)


Insomnia. Yay.
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Just took a look at the original version of this.

So. Bad.

Something about the premise really brought out my inner Bulwer-Lytton.

Not saying that the latest version is good... but at least it doesn't make my eyes bleed.
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Since I mentioned Epilogue here in my previous entry, I decided to have a look at it and see if it could be rendered postable.

Of course, I immediately felt compelled to edit it - down to 1300 words from the previous 1800.

Then, a vague memory stirred. I went through my LJ tags, and found this.

So. Apparently this story has been through this before. Although this time the reduction rate is even higher - and I started not with the original version but with the already-reduced version!

I should probably post this thing sometime soon, before I edit it down to zero. :D
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May have to do that sometime. It's underwhelming early!fic (my third, I think?) but I'm still fond of the underlying idea.

May have to rename it, too. "Bury the Dead", maybe?

(Yeah, I know, nobody here actually even remembers that fic, it actually predates my LJ life. *g*)
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Copied from a discussion in comments further down the page.

Farscape fandom must be very puzzled by my fic output...

2001: A River in Egypt: mediocre
2003: Rise and Shine: decent
2006: Normal: awesome.
2010: The Breakfast of Losers: decent
2012 (I think): Dead Man's Jacket: mediocre

It must look like I'm two different writers. :D

Come to think of it, my output in LoM follows a similar pattern [in terms of quality fluctuations]:

2007: Starving on the Jump Down: decent
2008: How to Love a Madman: decent
2009: The Last Lost Generation: mediocre
2012: The Mad Doctrine: awesome

And as for Highlander...:

2000: This Is Your Time: dire
2001: Sometimes We Believe: decent
2001: Epilogue: mediocre
2002: Names: decent
2003: Endure: flawed awesomeness
2010: 68 Wives: awesome


For completeness' sake, here's the stuff from my minor fandoms, too:

2003: Together (Harry Potter): mediocre
2004ish?: Family Portrait (It's Walky!): mediocre
2004ish?: A Case For the Christmas Bunny (Zebra Girl): mediocre
2006: Atlas (BSG): decent

As for bunnies, here's how I'd rate them at the moment:

Found in Translation (Highlander): awesome
(untitled) (Farscape): decent
Terro(u)rists (Farscape): awesome
Cut Along the Dotted Line (LoM): decent
(untitled) (LoM/Sandman): awesome
The Man Who Fell to Earth (LoM): potentially awesome, but troubled (and yes, I know the title has been done. It's a working title, anyway.)
Round the Bend in 80 Days (LoM): decent
A Black-and-White Picture (HP): awesome

Next up for finishing - apart from the surprise FS fic I mentioned yesterday - will probably be Cut Along the Dotted Line (Sam/Maya). Wish I could say I'd make it awesome, but I don't think I have it in me to elevate that one beyond what it is. I've been trying for years. Anyway, decent isn't bad. If I felt like it would turn out bad I wouldn't keep working on it at all.

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