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(Gonna reply to your replies soon, just had a very busy few days...)

Is anyone here planning to attend the 2017 Worldcon in Helsinki? The membership rates are about to go up, on Feb. 14, so if you're planning to go, now would be the time to sign up! I'm going to do so this week, I think (still need to check some stuff at work before I do, though).
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.... will work out after all!

I managed to get rid of that inconvenient shift on the 18th. YAY!

ALSO: I can probably make some time to meet Rebeccas (as well as people of other names, but so far only Rebeccas have expressed an interest) on one or two of the evenings? I checked the programme and it really thins out considerably later in the evenings, though I've managed to lose my list of Potentially Available Evenings that I made day before yesterday, and am currently too tired to make a new one. Will do so tomorrow evening after work, probably. But, uhm, feel free to let me know which days would be good for you?

Granted, by now it may be too late because by now probably everybecca is all booked up.
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It looks like I might only make it there for the first three days - or not at all. I won't be able to get all the necessary days off work, so now I need to find a return ticket for the 17th, which may be impossible. If I can find one, I'll be at the con from 14th through 16th of August. If I can't... well, I dunno. Can you resell Worldcon tix?
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Weeks late, so it's nowhere near the con site (it's somewhere near Canary Wharf instead), but the good thing about that is that it's actually pretty fucking cheap (and probably horrible, but never mind that, I'll be at the con all day anyway).

Anyway, because it's so far from the site I'll have to travel for quite a bit every night when leaving the con, and so I'd be really happy to find a travelling companion... the hostel is 101 pounds for a bed in an all-female four-bed shared room, for the entire five nights. The hostel isn't full yet, so you could conceivably still join me there and we could walk there together at night.


Con website.

Mind you, I'm still not entirely sure I'll be able to go, because I definitely can't get any time off in August, so this plan rather depends on my ability to arrange the shifts of my part-time job in such a way as to leave those five days (six, if you count the travel days) free. Still, our shift coordinator tells me that that should be possible...
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So relieved!

I've sort of known for two weeks, but I just got the final confirmation that I can come in and sign my contract next week.

It's customer service, with an insurance company. Basically, I'll be one of the people you call when you need to report an accident. If I can polish up my French a bit I may be able to work in the international division eventually (which involves exciting tasks such as talking to French car mechanics when an insurance customer's car breaks down in France, etc. :D).

I'll be doing 25 hours per week, in somewhat flexible shifts. It'll be... interesting to see how I'll fit my goldsmithing around that, but I'll work something out. I'll have to.

The only sad thing about this is that I may have to cancel my Worldcon plans - I'm not really sure I'll be able to take time off in August.
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Worldcon's in London next year?!?!!

Shitshitshit need to find time/money to go!!!! Arrrrgh, I thought it was at least another couple of years before there'd be another one in Europe! Well, okay, nine years between 2005 and 2014... not that shocking an aberration from the ten-year pattern, really.

Fuck, where did the time go.
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Despite having very little time overall in the last few weeks I discovered a new obsession. Yay! (This is actually a totally un-ironical 'yay' - I *love* new obsessions. New obsessions are like new loves.)

I'm leaving for Worldcon tomorrow and I still have some packing and preparations to do, so I can't write a long entry about my new obsession now, but I've posted quite a few enthused ravings to various message boards, so I can copy some of those and give you a few links.

First, a rec for the series in German:

Another one in German, but not from yours truly:

Now, a slightly rambling rec in English:

And another one in English, from a board I cannot link to, so I'm copying it here (it's written by me, anyway):

Read more... )


In other news I had a very nice day today, partly packing, and partly geeking out with Nager, Dune, my roommate and another visiting Scaper from the old farscaped mailing list and the sf-community boards. We watched some Doctor Who and then Dune had to leave and the rest of us later made spaghetti with tomato sauce and ate and talked (before I went back to packing again). Then my laptop broke, but at least that means I won't have to carry it to Britain and back. ;-))

As usual I'm afraid of flying... my plane leaves at 19:50 tomorrow, so think of me then and wish me luck.

I've had recurring nightmares about Worldcon recently, mostly about being unprepared for my panels, but yesterday when I finally read through the whole insanely long (99 pages! 99 pages!!!) programme I finally began to feel properly hyped. There's panels and talks on everything, and I do mean everything. Have a look:

There are very few times when there's less than four simultaneous items I would like to see. Arrgh!

So, anyway, I'm looking forward to it immensely now, though I'm also afraid it will be an absolutely exhausting experience and I may need a holiday afterwards. ;-)
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My Real Life sucks to a rather amazing degree at the moment. It's amazing how fast things can go south, though I suppose I should know, having watched such a lot of Farscape... Let's just say I have legal trouble at the moment and leave it at that. I don't feel like going into it. I don't even feel like watching the last ep of Doctor Who right now. (Amazing, how Real Life can take away your taste for fandom. Amazing, how often I can use the word 'amazing' in a single paragraph.)


This thrilled and slightly shocked me a bit today: I found out the Worldcon people don't just put all the *famous* people on the 'programme participants' list but *everybody* who's agreed to participate in the programme. Since I will be on two panels (one about Farscape, and one about BSG - and I'm properly terrified, even six weeks in advance), that means my name is on there. Which means that for the first and probably only time in my life I'm on a list with people like, oh, I dunno - at the moment it feels like just about everyone whose name means something in SF is on there. Well, not really, but, you know... lots. Lots of famous people. I feel so unworthy... partly because I haven't read books by even half of them, although I know their names.

Check out the illustrious company:

(No, if you don't know my name already I'm not going to tell you. I prefer to be Hmpf here. It'd be easy enough for anyone feeling stalkerish to find it out, anyway - if you feel you need to investigate, by all means, do, but I'm not going to announce my real name openly here in this LJ.)

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