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I just accidentally deleted every single copy of the new version of my LOM vid from my computer. That means all the backup versions on other drives, too. And yes, I only noticed *after* I'd also emptied the 'recycled' folders. That's German thoroughness for you.

So it's back to square one.

The good news is I still have a badly rendered sketch of the first 63 seconds, from which I'll at least be able to reconstruct most of the editing decisions I'd made. But there was some tricky timing there, so it will be difficult.

Also, looking at that sketch, I notice that the 'visual hiccup' issues I had with Windows Movie Maker also occur in Premiere, apparently. Drat. Also: ghost frames galore. *sigh*

And I still have very little idea how to actually use Premiere. Setting up a new project in it will be... interesting, to say the least.

Oh shit.

Nov. 29th, 2007 02:29 am
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I just took a look at my unfinished re-edit of my first/only LoM vid (draft version can be found here for those who haven't seen it yet - please keep in mind it's a draft, though), and noticed that I've completely forgotten how to use the editing software.

I'm also scared stiff when I think about trying to recreate the section where the lights switch off on the beat of the music. That was frelling difficult to achieve the first time around, and I'm so not looking forward to doing that another time. Arrrgh.

If I were a bit more intelligent/less perfectionist/less obsessive I'd probably just say the video is done, and move on.

But I want a better version, grrrr. I can see it in my mind.

At least I was clever enough to make a detailed script of the entire vid when I decided to re-edit it. And I kept all the clips.

BTW - the vid has mostly 'plain cuts', i.e. no fades. Do you think I should change that? I'm scared of fades. I find them very difficult to time to the music, among other things, I think.
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Clearly I had one of the most obvious and unoriginal ideas ever, there.

(Or is that actually the same vid I posted about a while ago? I wouldn't know, as I didn't dare watch the vid at the time.)

ETA: It seems to be the same vid. I'm relieved.
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Remember that vid I worked on like crazy in April/May? And that I couldn't finish due to computer trouble and uni stress? And that I still haven't given up on?

Turns out that, as I feared, someone else discovered what a great LoM vid Tom McRae's "A & B Song" would make, and vidded it during my mini-GAFIA:

I have no idea what the vid's like - don't want to watch it before mine's done, so as not to get influenced by it. I still want to finish mine. Unfortunately I first need to reinstall my entire system to be able to do that, and before I can do *that* I need to finish a lot of uni work. :-(

I feel really uncomfortable about it all now, though. But I can't let that vid idea go, I *need* to finish it. I can only hope that my vid will be good enough to justify its own existence despite there already being another vid to the song...

(A *very* preliminary version of my vid can be found here. It's an *early* version (even though it's version no. 17), and the latest version, which is about two thirds finished, is quite different in terms of timing and some of the clips chosen etc.. I wish I could continue, but every time I try to render it my computer crashes.)

ETA: I would very much appreciate it if someone could have a look at both vids and tell me if any parts of mine could be seen as copying the other vid. I would like to prevent that, although I'm not sure that I can think of alternative clips for any of the parts of my vid without - possibly - destroying its structure.

ETA2: I angst about this to a ridiculous degree, really. *tsks at self*


Jun. 22nd, 2006 01:40 am
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Now I know *one* of the things the recent system crashes did to my computer: my Life On Mars vid is gone. Or rather, the Premiere project file for it is gone, or got scrambled. All my work, gone.


ETA: Or not. Weeeeeeeird.
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Clips 1 through 19 in place now, i.e. roughly 50 seconds of the vid (out of four and a half minutes) sort-of-done, though the last 5 seconds or so still need some retuning. New things learned today: the opacity animation thingy, and slowing down one clip by a fraction to improve timing.

Beginning to feel a fierce love for Premiere.
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1.) Happy coincidence:

I'm about to receive a number of French comics from two different sources in the next couple of weeks. Wheeeeeeeee! Also, [ profile] nager let me know yesterday that he found the first part of Mohiro Kitoh's Wings of Vendemiaire on ebay this week, a collector's item he wanted to give me for a present a while ago but couldn't find then, and it should be arriving here soon, as well. We're both Mohiro Kitoh fans, and I totally didn't expect this, so it's the best kind of present: unexpected, and with a special meaning both for the giver, and the person receiving the gift. ((([ profile] nager)))

2.) Weird coincidence:

Tonight I dreamed I was looking at a flat in Britain, possibly to rent it or something, and there was this tiny little room attached to it that would have been *just* big enough for a very small jeweller's workshop. I immediately latched onto the idea of making it my workshop, but the woman letting the flat told me I couldn't do that, or she already had let the flat (or perhaps just the room?) to someone else... This was my first jewellery-making-related dream in *ages*, and a very apt representation of the conflict between jewellery making and Real Life concerns that currently forestalls most of my jewellery making activity. Then, in the early afternoon, I got a call from... my very first jewellery making teacher! *Weird*. I hadn't talked to him since before Christmas, and before that had lost contact with him for about two or three years, so it's not like this kind of thing happens often. I was in a hurry, and he was being mysterious, but I suspect it was about the opening of his new shop/gallery/thingy - he said he wanted to send me something, and I think that 'something' is probably an invitation, especially since he also hinted that we would probably be meeting soon. He also asked about the state of my, *cough*, career, and there was a lot of hinting and mock-blaming (it's all *his* fault, him having turned me onto jewellery making in the first place! *g*)... and psychoanalyzing, too. Interesting. We'll see where that goes.

3.) I've started actually putting my video together in Premiere now. I've got the first six or seven clips in place, but it's still very scary to work with Premiere. At least once per evening I'm running into some severe technical problem or other, and then usually resolve to call it a night, and try again the next evening. I can't even begin to list the - even most basic - things I still haven't figured out how to do. And I even lack the *vocabulary* to ask the necessary questions, I think. So, trial and error is about the only way I have to solve my problems...

This may take a while, folks.
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Back in the days when I began to take writing fanfic seriously, I discovered I couldn't enjoy reading fanfic in the fandoms I was writing anymore - especially really good fanfic. I compared myself to the writers I was reading, and found myself lacking, all too often. That's why I never read most of the really famous Farscape fan writers who had begun their ascent just around the time I started writing Farscape. That's why I nearly completely stopped reading Highlander. Thankfully, I've recently gotten over that silly inferiority complex thing, at least where my writing is concerned. I can enjoy fanfic in my writing fandoms again, and I'm glad of that. Partly, I think, this has to do with my increased belief in my skill (or at least potential) as a writer. So, I thought I had left that complex behind for good.

Well, apparently not. 'Cause now it's beginning to interfere with my enjoyment of fanvids.

Today, legendary vidder Luminosity posted a Life On Mars vid. I downloaded it, but I'm almost terrified of watching it. I know I'm being silly - especially since comparing myself to Luminosity is nothing short of hubris - yet I can't help myself.

Oh, I'll watch it eventually, I'm sure.

But, yeah, something in me's trembling at the thought, and not with pleasant anticipation as it should.

Silly, eh?
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1.) Vidding update:

Slowly making my way through all of this, so I have to revise my optimistic estimate of 'a week or two' for my re-edited vid upwards a bit. There is too much to learn, and there are too many technical problems to cope with. I may have to upgrade my computer a bit, too.

(Also, uni has started again, and I *really* need to begin taking it a bit more seriously now. I'm running out of time.)

2.) Because it will make [ profile] dunkle_feuer happy:

I've been wanting to read Paul Auster's New York Trilogy for a long time now, but university has now given me a reason to actually *do* it. There's a Paul Auster seminar this term. I bought the book today, and already started reading.

3.) Life on Mars update:

This show is selling itself. Last week I showed my unfinished vid to a number of people; nearly all of them immediately asked if they could see the show, as well. I converted an old classmate on Monday, AnduraNova of the Scape Sisters on Tuesday, a fellow archaeology student on Wednesday, and a library co-worker on Saturday. And I didn't even *try*. Heeeeh. (Wish Farscape were as easy to sell!)

4.) The Strange Bearded Men of Frankfurt:

Seen getting off the subway today: a massive man, Karl-Marx-type beard and hair, pushing a bicycle. On the carrier of the bike: boxes etc., and on top, a kind of cushion. On that cushion, a dog, black, with long, wavy fur, standing up on all fours on top of that pile of stuff, tail and head raised proudly, and barking.

And then there's also the Jesus of the Leipzigerstrasse. He's a middle-aged or slightly older guy with Jesus hair and beard, wearing a long red velvet skirt and some sort of suit jacket or sometimes a coat that he always just seems to throw over his shoulders, without putting his arms in the sleeves. He looks just a bit too clean and well-cared for (in a dishevelled kind of way) to be a homeless person, but he always sits somewhere in the street - on a bench, on a ground-floor windowsill... and he always seems to have bags with him, so maybe he *is* a homeless person.
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Having given up on achieving any really precise result in Windows Movie Maker (it keeps subtly de-synching my finished vid when I render it), I am now trying to get started working with Premiere Pro 6.0. Premiere doesn't like my source avi files, so I asked around a bit and people told me to use VirtualDub to convert my source to an avi that would be usable by Premiere, and to use Huffyuv to encode/compress/? (arrgh, I need to learn vidding terminology!) Now, I've played around a bit with the program and the codec, and so far I have two problems:

1.) The file size is *huge*. For a clip of around 1500 frames it can be between 500 and 700 MB. This could turn into a big problem for me soon, as my hard drive really isn't that big. I have around 18 GB free space at the moment, could possibly expand that to around, hm, 30 GB.

2.) The clips play very jerkily, as if a lot of frames are being dropped.

Anyone know what to do?
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I now have a rather archaic version of a rather more professional editing software installed on my computer. (Archaic, because my computer will not be able to cope with anything more recent. Since my demands on the editing software are fairly simple - *really* precise editing and no crashing, please - I should be fine even with this fairly old programme.)

So now I'm back to square one.

Did I mention that two of the preconditions for becoming a jeweller are

1.) an almost fanatical precision, and
2.) an almost infinite patience?

Well. I vid pretty much like I write, and like I make jewellery. So, yeah, starting over from the beginning is an acceptable course of action.

Give me a couple of weeks...
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I have confirmation now that WMM screwed up my timing: the rendered video is seven frames longer than the original, and every cut seems to be a couple of frames off, compared to the original project file. (In one or two places this worked out for the best, but in most cases it was rather detrimental.)

Considering that fact, and also the complete irremovability of the 'hiccups' I mentioned, I have half a mind of actually trying to find a better editing software now, and re-editing the entire frelling vid, instead of spending hours re-timing clips by infinitesimal amounts now, only to eventually have the timing destroyed by the rendering again.

EDIT: Yes, I think I'll do that. Just looked at the vid in a different player (PowerDVD instead of Zoomplayer), and suddenly the thing is *riddled* with ghost frames. Seems like you just don't see them in some players. *Nice* feature, Bill Gates.

Well... quest for the right editing software, here I come.

And then, re-editing. Oh joy.
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... that we have a beta version:

(Yes, that '17' does indeed mean that this is version no. 17 of my vid.)

Comments, especially from more experienced vidders, are very welcome. Doesn't matter if you know the show or not - what I'm most interested in are comments about technical issues like timing and the many oddities of Windows Movie Maker, anyway. (And yes, I *am* going to use a different program for the next vid. WMM is too much of a pain in the eema to make more than one vid with, unless you have an insanely high tolerance for frustration.)


- There's still odd little image hiccups in it which I can't seem to remove in Windows Movie Maker. Will have to try another program for that, just don't know what yet.

- Windows Movie Maker screwed up the timing ever so subtly during rendering, I think. Or maybe I'm just tired. Will have to look at it again tomorrow when I'm not so exhausted.

- A couple of clips still need replacing.

- At least half a dozen clips still need to be re-timed.

- There's silent speaking in a number of clips. In most cases this is due to there simply being *no* footage of the characters in question in a fitting situation that does *not* involve talking. (Considering that we only have something like five minutes of footage of Sam in 2006, and I had to find all my 'A' material in those five minutes, it's a miracle I found as many usable clips as I did.) In the cases where better clips can be found, the clips will be replaced.

- There's silent shouting, too. That is due to my needing shots of angry!Sam, and he does a lot of shouting when he's angry. Personally, I think those shots work pretty well, but if you think otherwise, do tell me. After all, this is still only a beta version.

- I still need to figure out how to save this in a format that will not appear squished. For now, please set your players to widescreen; that should fix the problem on your side, at least until I've found a way to fix it on my side.

- I misspelled my name nickname in the credits. How embarrassing. It's actually Hmpf MacSlow, with an 'a'.

- Yes, I am aware that some of the lyrics don't *really* fit. Still, the concept of the song was so nice for a Life On Mars vid that I couldn't resist.


Useless trivia: This vid contains 74 separate clips.
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This time, it really *is* mostly done!

Two or three clips to exchange or nudge around a bit yet, the rest is, well, I won't say 'perfect', but pretty much exactly like I want it to be.

Except for the frelling WMM image hiccups I still haven't found *any* way to fix. Three of them, two noticeable, one minor. Grmpf.

Other than that, though, a fine first vid. *pats own shoulder*

I love it when something I make finally comes together.
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you learn to hate the song, yet you *can't stop singing* it. All. The. Time.

Note to self: when vidding again, use a song I don't like.

Then again, constantly hearing or singing a song I don't like for five days might have driven me insane a loooooong time ago.
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The rough cut's done, as I said. However. There are still around two dozen things about it that I'm not happy with, so I'm going through it again, clip by clip, fixing things. And fixing things in Windows Movie Maker is a tiresome business - essentially, I'm recutting the whole thing.

So I can't do it all in one sitting, because that would drive me mad. Instead, I do it in bits and bobs, an hour of work here, and hour there, whenever I feel like I can bear the song and Windows Movie Maker for a little while. When I release this vid it will be as close to perfect as I can make it, with my meagre experience and my even more meagre means (read: with Windows Movie Maker. Cursed be Bill Gates.) Which means it will take a while yet. Seems I'm a MacSlow vidder as well as a MacSlow writer. *g*


In other news, I converted two of my friends to Life On Mars this week. One of them is AnduraNova from Farscape fandom, one third of the infamous Scape Sisters. The other - more surprisingly! - is an old friend of mine who is *not* fannish at all, so I was rather surprised when she demanded to see my vid not once, but *twice* and then asked if she could see the show, as well! And she held out admirably for two eps, despite the Mancunian accents. Considering she's not used to watching stuff in English, that really is quite amazing. What's even more amazing is that she now wants to watch the rest of the series, as well!
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... sort-of-done.
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Spent roughly fourteen hours vidding today. Am totally knackered and going to bed now. Windows Movie Maker is teh suck, but I'm sort of learning to live with it. Does that sound stoically heroic? Not nearly heroic enough, believe me.

Vid's about two thirds to three fourths done.

Nearly lost my mind a couple of times after the program crashed for the umpteenth time, and learned to hate Tom McRae with a passion, or at least learned to hate his A & B Song, but am pleased with the result of my work so far (when I can stand to look at it at all - because, arrgh, fourteen hours today and six yesterday of constant replay will spoil *any* song for you).

I get the impression my vidding career may end up much like my costuming career: pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's simply too much effort. The result is kinda pleasing, but the effort made is disproportionate to the resulting pleasure.

Also, if I were to keep vidding I'd have to get more webspace.

kljfdavn ,.jxy

Sorry, kinda falling asleep on the keyboard there. Off to bed...
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I have now embarked on making my first vid. Just so you know.

There's a sequence at the beginning of my vid, mainly thanks to luck (I wish I could say it was skill, but it really was more of an accident), which makes me squee with sheer delight... I know it's kinda indecent to do that over your own work, but... *sighs happily*

The song I'm using is Tom McRae's A & B Song. There are a couple of lines in there that don't quite fit (but then, there usually are), but most of it is almost perfect.

Pray for me that the gods of Windows Movie Maker continue to smile on my endeavour.
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but a few short notes before I leave to visit [ profile] ankae...

1.) On Thursday I went to see 'Spirited Away' and it's a beautiful, beautiful movie. It had the same atmosphere and logic of many of my weirder dreams... Gotta go see it again next week, if I can find the time. Highly recommended.

2.) The evening of the same day I had to do a cast of my good buddy Nager's face because he wants to have a Stark mask made for the comic fair we are going to have a Farscape table at. Let's just say that at 40 degrees Celsius it was not a pleasant experience for him having to wear a rubber bathing cap for hours, and half of his head covered in plaster! It made me worry a bit about being Zhaan with that bald cap at the fair... I'll have to wear that thing for about 13 hours and I doubt it is any more comfortable than a bathing cap! The things we do for Farscape.

3.) Birthday (mine, that is) on Friday - nice and quiet. Breakfast with my mom, then work, then dinner with my mom (Indian food - yum!). (My dad was on a business trip.) Got nice books and nice music for presents. Unexpected present from a certain reader of this journal, too. (Thanks! You know who you are! *g*) Am 27 now, an age that almost fits with the grey hair I keep finding on my head more and more often...

4.) Happy Birthday also to my dear friends Kiki and [ profile] ankae!

5.) And to my Scape Sister Dashan who actually had her birthday a few days ago but had her party yesterday. Very nice party; met Atti there, important figure from German HL fandom and webmistress of Weird, meeting someone whose name you've known for years on the net 'in the flesh' for the first time... Atti was in the same situation, btw, knowing me from my old essay on becoming obsessed with Methos which seems to be rather well-known in German HL fandom. Hey, at least *one* of my pieces of writing is well-known. *g* AnduraNova and me talked with Atti and her boyfriend all night, I'm afraid - we hardly even noticed the other guests. *g* Atti may even come to the next local Farscape meeting.

5.) Going to visit ankae for a few days, but first I have to have breakfast and then do the dishes. The stacks in the kitchen look like every single plate, knife, pot, fork and glass in the house is dirty. Frell.

6.) Oh, and since [ profile] kernezelda and [ profile] kazbaby already posted links to our new vid 'Poison' in their LJs, I guess I should make it public here, too. Actually, we meant to wait a little while yet before really publishing the vid, since we wanted to overhaul the 'Peacekeeper' vid first, but, well, it's out there now, so I may as well point everyone who hasn't found it yet there. I'm pretty proud of this vid. AnduraNova still thinks 'Everybody Hurts' is better than 'Poison', but I think they are about on par. It was great fun to make, too, even if it made AnduraNova's husband realise that we're perverts. *g*

Go here to download it: ScapeSisters videos

7.) Apart from the dishes I'm feeling fine.

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