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is that I always get tempted away from social things by books or comics (mostly books and comics, that is. Occasionally TV or games.)

I really think, sometimes, that I need therapy to learn to cope with *people*. It can't be normal that even *pleasant* social interaction is so draining for me that I shy away from it, can it?

I've been job hunting and doing housework and reading, mostly. Yes, I stopped the LJ catch-up almost immediately after I'd started. There was a rather large number of interesting job ads recently, but that's no excuse, really.


Have some recs:

[ profile] beccatoria made another awesome Farscape vid! Actually, I'm sure she's made at least a dozen good vids recently, because she went a bit crazy last month and tried (possibly even managed?) to make one vid(let) per day. So head over there and enjoy!

Did you realise you can read shitloads of classics of the fantastic genres for free on I've decided it's time to check out some of that old stuff, and have read Peter Pan and am currently reading The Napoleon of Notting Hill (I read The Man Who Was Thursday years ago, though maybe a reread is in order...) Peter Pan was much odder, and darker, than I expected. TNoNH is about as odd as I expected, because after TMWWT I expect major weirdness from Chesterton. Got any recs of other old stuff I should check out? Maybe A Voyage to Arcturus? That's definitely available there. Or I could try to get back into News from Nowhere, I started that two years ago and then was interrupted by uni stuff...

I've also reread two webcomics I'd more or less stopped checking regularly because they were (and still are) in the habit of going on really long hiatuses. They're both really really good, though. Dicebox is social science fiction with beautiful art and very three-dimensional characters and relationships. Hero is fantasy with religous/mythological overtones, possibly set after some apocalyptic(?) conflict between some analogues between the forces of heaven and hell. Or something. Beautiful digital watercolour manga art, and a surprising sense of humour. (For even more webcomics, check out the links in my sidebar here.)

I've spent a bit of time playing flash games, too:

I really enjoyed Little Rocket, despite the fact that it took me ridiculously long to learn how to control the rocket. But when I finally had the hang of it, I played the entire game through twice.

Endeavor is a nice, big-pixeled exploration platformer.

Looming plays like an extremely minimalist, retro version of Myst.

Seasons is another beautiful web toy/experience by the maker of Windosill.

The Dreamerz (don't ask me about the stupid "z"!) is a charming little point-and-click adventure that feels like you're reading a slightly surreal picture book.

And Transform is another example of patented Eyemaze madness. In other words, it's awesome.


I just rediscovered a very fitting old tag so I'm using it...


Apr. 25th, 2010 04:29 pm
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Today I noticed I didn't have enough bread or anything for breakfast, really, so I decided to go to the fairly affordable café around the corner and have breakfast there. (I usually don't do this, obviously, as it still costs more than my entire daily food budget, but sometimes I break my own rules. I'll just have to live especially cheaply for the next few days.)

So, even though I'm crazy busy, I decided to take my writing folder. And I actually managed to get into the story I wanted to work on, and wrote about half a scene, in about an hour, yay! I'm near the home stretch now!

(Angsty icon because me getting some writing done is almost always bad news for Sam. Though, to be fair, this time it isn't, so much. He got *better*, today.)

More yayness: culf just sent me a download link for this:

It's a very funny vid about... Sam Tyler versus Sam Tyler. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do so NOW.
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... is alive again. I think.

Go here: [ profile] fs_10percent.

Kick my ass if I ever let it fall out of use for so long again.
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A vid about Farscape's central relationship pentagon: John/Scorpius/Guns/Wormholes/Aeryn

I will be reccing this at fs_10percent... later. As in, next week, possibly. First I need to watch it another twenty times or so, so as to understand all the facets, and then I have to do some Greenpeace stuff, and reinstall my system, and so on. I don't think I'll have the leisure for a proper rec this week.

(ETA: I should perhaps add that me having to reinstall my system has nothing to do with me having watched this vid. *g* My system's been borked for a few weeks now, and I hope a computer-savvy friend of mine will have some time to help me restore it to full functionality this weekend.)
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I've been staying with my parents for the last week (being ill while having to prepare for exams is a good excuse for that sort of thing). Whenever I'm at my parents' my fanvid consumption increases, because absent the internet, this is the easiest 'five minute fandom boost' to get. This reminds me that maybe I should post a reminder to people here about my vidrecs journal, because that's actually active now. Mostly. I may still shut up again for a few weeks, when the exams phase gets hot, but I have several entries already in the pipeline so I should be fine for the next two or three weeks at least.

The other thing increased fanvid consumption reminds me of is that Farscape is and remains the One True Show. Sorry Life on Mars. I may be writing more about you these days, but Farscape will always be closer to my heart - and not just because it didn't so callously break it. (Everyone who knows Farscape knows that Farscape breaks hearts lovingly, not callously.)

Dammit, I need new people to 'scape. Preferably live and in person. Any volunteers? K., maybe? C'mon, you like science fiction, you like sf tv, what could possibly go wrong? *veg*


Speaking of infecting people with shows - I may have found a new victim for Life on Mars. Time will tell.


A note to the British: you may want to rethink how you spell and/or pronounce place names. ;-) When I learned, recently, that "Happisburgh" is pronounced "Hazeborough"... well, it did set me to wondering, for about five seconds, if this was all just a bizarre prank you play on us foreigners. I mean... Salisbury... Edinburgh... Worcester... surely you can't be serious? :-D
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Because three weeks before the end of your thesis writing period is exactly the right time to start a new fannish project. Of course. *g*

But first, status updates:

1.) I'm still anti-social, i.e. not properly reacting to e-mail etc.
2.) I'm still mostly cut off from the internet, i.e. staying at my parents'.
3.) Current thesis length: 52 pages. With my planned total of 80, this would mean I'd be about two thirds done. Sadly, it's looking like the thesis will end up much longer than planned, so it's more like half done; possibly not even that. I'm also badly stuck in a number of places, and have absolutely no faith at all in the parts that I *have* finished. It's all a load of very shallow blah-blah.


Right. Now for the new project:

Statement of purpose:
Declaration of biases:
First rec:

Why now, of all times? Because I'm watching loads of vids in the breaks between bouts of writing, and it's actually kind of relaxing to write up a mini-review/rec every once in a while. Gets the fannish juices going; makes me feel good. I need that, right now.


You may also expect embarrassing fic of me in the next few days.
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A whole bunch of very cool people had their birthdays on the 5th, 8th, 9th and 10th of August, namely:

[ profile] dashan (5.8.)
non-LJ user but occasional commenter Kiki, [ profile] magnifica7, (and me) (8.8.)
[ profile] knorgk (9.8.)
[ profile] beccatoria (10.8.)

Happy birthday to all - and also, belatedly, apologies to everyone whose birthdays I've already managed to miss this year - I'm notoriously bad at the social skill of birthday remembering, and can only remember this particular bunch so well because they form a remarkable cluster that happens to include several of my closest friends and both of my main betas(!).


I got a nasty stomach bug for my own birthday, btw - started the day vomiting and spent most of the weekend recovering. (I'm fine again now.)


Speaking of my beta and birthday-neighbour [ profile] beccatoria: I've been meaning to post a vid rec here, but I wanted to do it well. As so often, that meant postponement after postponement, as I tried to find the time to write up a post detailing why exactly I think beccatoria is one of the best vidders I've had the joy of seeing work by. As I still haven't found the time, and other tasks - among them demanding ones such as starting on my thesis writing - are piling up as well, I've decided to just do a short rec instead:

This is beccatoria's vid website. It doesn't look like much, but the vids are superb. Her early work already showed great promise - in fact, already showed a level of accomplishment that many vidders never attain, with the only serious problem the sometimes poor image quality due to poor quality source material. She reached an early peak with "Jesus Walks", marrying BSG's Laura Roslin with hip hop with amazing success. I've recced that vid here before.

She's recently been vidding a lot, and making great progress. I could rec any of her recent vids - well, let's just make that: I *do* rec all of her recent vids. Particular favourites are the latest three, though. "There's a War Going On For Your Mind, Laura" is just... mind-blowing in its cleverness (and, if you've ever vidded in Windows Movie Maker, knowing that she achieved that vid in that infernal program will add another layer of mind-bogglement). It's also another successful combination of hip hop and president Roslin. "Tricks" and "Ghosts" I love (among other reasons) for their great sense of rhythm and movement - large parts of these vids play out almost like a dance, and this, for me, is one of the highest achievements in vidding.

So, go and download some of beccatoria's vids. Better yet, download all of them. There's not a single bad one among them, just mindbogglingly awesome ones and merely very good ones. *g*


In other news: I have a due date for my thesis: January 30, 2009.
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One thing I have to try to take up again, at some unspecified future date, is singing. I really like singing. I used to be at least decent at it. When I was a kid one of my teachers thought I was more than decent at it, but that was twenty years or more ago. But, the real point is, it makes me happy. I'm not particularly ambitious about it, so it looks like something that could just be nice and relaxing, without giving me another thing to angst about.

Some day. When I find a nice choir ensemble or something.


This was brought on by this vid, a very nice Firefly vid by [ profile] shati, about River, set to the Suzanne Vega song Small Blue Thing. Not only is that song perfect for River; it's also entirely in a register I can still sing. Higher and lower registers are too difficult for my poor, untrained voice nowadays, so I get into trouble with most songs I want to sing - I usually have to stop, or shift registers in mid-song, because it will either go to high or too low for me at some point. So I've been singing that song practically all day.


I looked through some of my old art portfolios a couple of days ago. This caused the art and jewellery muses to start working overtime - very inopportune at the moment! I can't go and make jewellery now, let alone start painting again!

I really need to scan some of that old stuff and put some of it up on my website or somewhere.
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in my last entry.

What I really meant to say was this: if you download just one vid in the next twelve months, let that vid be "Improper Dancing". It's like a drug. I can't stop watching it.

(There's a list and detailed description of all the clips used in the lj entry I linked to yesterday. It's helpful to read, to get some of the finer details.)
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So... yesterday I was looking for a link to a vid I seemed to remember and stumbled across this. Much procrastination ensued.

Out of all the - invariably great! - vids I downloaded and watched - and yes, I should have been working for my M.A.... problem is, I'm in a massive motivational crisis right now, and have been for more than a week - there is one that stood out so much that I need to rec it. It's multifandom, and it's the first multifandom vid I've seen that has all my major fandoms (HL, FS, LOM) and *nearly* all my secondary ones. It has Chris (from Life on Mars) dancing dorkily and John (from Farscape) in women's stockings, all within the first thirty seconds! Instant vid-shaped happiness.

The vid: "Improper Dancing"
The vidder: [ profile] marycrawford (leave feedback at link above)

Multifandom vids are always a great opportunity to play 'spot that fandom', so here's what I spotted (not necessarily in this order) - bolded are things I am at least passively fannish about, i.e. like a lot and will ocassionally consume fan produced works about, or have at least been known to do so in the past; bold and underlined are active fandoms; in italics are shows/movies I actually haven't seen but can recognise anyway:

HL, PotC, SGA, DW (9), DW (10), DS, FS, LoM, LotR, Xena, Hercules, Princess Bride, SW, BtVS, AtS, ST:TOS, Spiderman, Sentinel, ST:TNG, Heroes, Lawrence of Arabia, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Red Dwarf, Harry Potter, Smallville, Firefly, Dexter, Jeffrey, In & Out, Matrix, Hair.
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Another one by Di, whose "Love and Peace" I already recced. Di is probably the best vidder who's posting exclusively to Farscape Fantasy - most of the really great vidders seem to move to their own webspace after a while. Her latest, Jerk It Out, is another very... kinetic vid, with fast, very effective, on the beat editing. One thing Di is incredibly good at is making use of internal movement and effects; she doesn't need to resort to special effects provided by the editing software to add a sense of rhythm and movement to her vids - she makes do with what's there in the show. Which, as we're talking about Farscape, is a lot - Farscape never was one of those SF shows where characters would spend the majority of the ep standing around delivering exposition. I think this is probably one of the reasons why it developed such a great vidding culture. It simply makes for excellent vidding fodder.

"Jerk It Out" is a season one vid, and due to its sense of energy and fun I'd say it's a great one to show to newbies you want to scape! ([ profile] space_oddity_75 - since I hadn't seen this vid yet when I made your cds it's not on there - I put a whole bunch of vids on them to fill them up - but if you want to get a good, not too spoilery impression of the first season, I really recommend you download this vid. :-))
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Even just selecting from my favourites folder, I could rec a Farscape vid every day for a year now. o.O

Since I recommended recent vids by Birgit yesterday, I'm going to rec a recent vid by AnnieBW (KobaTV), another of the old greats of FS vidding fandom, today:

Trigger Happy - song by Weird Al Yankovic, footage: 3:55 minutes of fun with sci-fi violence. *g* Be sure to watch the entire vid - there's one of my favourite Aeryn moments right at the end.

@ Newcomers to KobaTV who are wondering what to download apart from that one: I particularly recommend "You're a Mean One, Scorpius", "The Masochism Tango", "You Can't Get a Man With a Gun", "Kiss That Frog" and "Mambo #5". Unfortunately all of these vids suffer from being old and in Quicktime format, i.e. small and pixelated. They're still funny, though.
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Welcome to Livejournal land, [ profile] anduranova of the TBFC tribe and of the Scape Sisters. Anyone who followed my rec for Poison recently and liked it, go tell [ profile] anduranova - she's the editor.


I'm totally running out of time on uni stuff and still haven't made my Important Decision, so of course, I did the logical thing and spent most of today tagging all my LJ entries for 2002, and sorting through the rest of my Farscape vid backlog. Arrgh.

At least the Farscape tag in the tags list here is about as big as the Life on Mars tag now, as it should be. As I continue to tag the years between 2002 and 2006 it will probably grow even larger.

And I have 1.200 well-sorted Farscape vids, now.


Farscape vid rec for today: back in 2001 or so, Birgit made some of the best fanvids in the entirety of young Farscape fandom. She then mostly disappeared (as a vidder) for several years before re-emerging in 2005 with some vids that I, personally, thought good but not as spectacular as the admittedly hard-to-beat Under Ice (which was the very first fanvid I watched, and which is probably the main reason I turned into the total Farscape fanvid nut that I did.) More recently she's made some rather remarkable vids, which sort of remind me of Under Ice.

J/A shippy vids make up the majority of the fandom's production, and they can kill you with kitsch, so whenever I open a vid to find it's shippy I tend to get wary (and just a tad bored in advance). Birgit's approach to shippiness and shippy angst in her recent vids is one that managed to capture my interest, though. She chooses somewhat jarring, in some cases almost dissonant songs, which somehow - IMO - fit the John/Aeryn relationship much better than your average love ballad from the top of the charts. Like the relationship, these songs have hard edges. She also eschews the 'smooth' look and editing that have been the hallmark of many of the better vids in recent years, using some very odd effects and blending images in a quick and sometimes deliberately messy succession that nevertheless somehow works. The overall impression is occasionally hectic and disjointed, but fits both the music and the relationship depicted perfectly. So hop on over to Birgit's Vids and download

- Missing (J/A shippy/angsty)
- Disarm (J/A shippy/angsty)
- Goodbye, Blue Sky (PKW, wormholes, time)
- Three Sunrises (J/A shippy)


And, for [ profile] amonitrate and [ profile] bimo and other Twin Peaks fanatics (as well as anyone else who's interested in superb vidding): astolat has made a Twin Peaks vid that is so good it leaves me speechless. You can download it here. The editing is perfect, the song is perfect, and the crazy thing is that that song has been linked to Twin Peaks in my mind since I first heard it, back in the same year I watched Twin Peaks for the first (and so far only) time.

ETA: Go and leave [ profile] astolat feedback here!

This vid captures the essence of Twin Peaks so well it gave me Bob nightmares yesterday.


Dec. 14th, 2007 02:12 am
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[ profile] kazbaby? You win. You totally win the Most Disturbing Farscape Slash Vid Award. I think Poison is officially not the most explicitly slashy John/Scorpius vid out there anymore... and I, for one, am delighted by that! The world needs more disturbing vids about that relationship!

To everyone else: This is a vid rec. Download Rift at Unrealized Reality. Oh, and if you haven't seen it, do download Poison, too (linked above). I'm not allowed to praise that one as I was involved in making it, but you should watch it for historical value if nothing else: it's one of the few times that I've been accessory to slash. And maybe after watching it you won't be so sorry that I usually don't indulge in that particular endeavour. Because, would you *want* to read something like that? ;-) ([ profile] dunkle_feuer excepted. I know you would love me to produce stuff like that. *g*)

Nitpick for [ profile] kazbaby: There are a couple of very quick edits (I *think* they're edits and not accidental flaws, anyway) that *in my players* (Zoom Player and VLC) look almost like ghost frames. Those were a minor distraction from the supreme disturbing slashiness... do you think I need to download some special codec or something, perhaps?
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(Because occasionally I do take a five-minute break from uni work to watch a FS vid, so as to reduce the "unsorted" folder on my disk and be able to finally burn them all to DVD.)

Yesterday's discovery:

Love and Peace by Di. A vid about the final four of season two that makes *excellent* use of internal movement and internal effects to create a very dynamic impression. Nitpick: Image's a bit blurry, sadly. Still, as with the last vid I recced, it would be a shame to ignore this vid because of that. Simply watch it in small instead of full screen mode and the problem shouldn't bother you. If that seems like an unacceptable hardship, try to remember what watching vids was like in 2001! ;-) (I still have favourites from those days... and I still love them, even though you can only watch them by minimizing the player to stamp size...)

A note: When I play this vid in zoomplayer the image breaks up in the fast parts, so there's either a problem with my zoomplayer or with the vid. It plays fine in VLC, though.
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To celebrate the finishing of my horrible essay/paper/thing I spent about an hour or so today watching Farscape fanvids from my 2.9 GB "still unwatched" folder. I need to catch up with that folder, and with the vidding activities of Farscape fandom in general - it's such a frelling prolific fandom, where vidding is concerned, that it's pretty much guaranteed that there are several GB of unwatched new vids out there I haven't even downloaded yet. My last big trawl was in autumn 2006; I currently have 20.4 GB of Farscape vids on my hard drive. I'm a completist.

So. I watched something like 10, 15 vids, some of them good, some just okay. One of them stood out. So I decided to share the joy by reccing it - and I think I'll keep that up as long as I'm catching up with that folder, and as long as I'm finding really good vids in there.

Here's the find of the day:

Ain't It Fun by el_rika and edeea2001.

Downloadable from this page here.

Setting Into the Lion's Den to a very aggressive song by Guns'n Roses that fits the action and angst of those eps to a t. Nicely structured - usually this kind of mostly linear retelling doesn't work so well in vids, but here it does. Some pretty good motion-to-music matching. Nitpicks: the footage's a bit pixelated (nothing you'd want to watch maximised), and a the editing could be a little more on the beat in a couple of places. But it's a really good vid regardless, and a very nice retelling of a crucial two-parter in five minutes.
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Well, okay, not totally random. Ten out of the maybe fifty that are in my 'absolute favourites' folder that is permanently on my hard drive. I have some 25-30 CDs and DVDs of Farscape fanvids by now, but I need the crème de la crème where I can watch them easily when I need a little dose of Farscape. Which I did tonight.

So here's tonight's playlist:

Back Here by chasa - for the John and Aeryn angst

The Pain Gets Worse by tazey - for the Aeryn and John angst

I'll Be Yours by FieryHands - for the John and Scorpius angst

Adiemus by Birgit - for the sense of wonder

Prayer by chasa - for the Aeryn angst

Until It Sleeps by LithiumDoll - for the destructive!John angst

Somebody Told Me by FieryHands - for ass-kicking!Aeryn and slut!John fun

Under Ice by Birgit - for, uhm, angst, and nostalgia (this was the first fanvid I ever watched!), and still-brilliant editing

You Cut Her Hair by Fialka - for strong narrative

You Make Me Feel by tazey - for the John-Aeryn-Scorpy triangle Die Me Dichotomy angst

They're all brilliantly edited, btw. There's bits in all of them that make me go "*meeeeep*! I'll *never* be able to do that!" If you haven't watched them yet, I highly recommend you seek them out.

Chasa's website:

Tazey's website:

Birgit's website:

The rest can hopefully still be found here:

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