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I was busy reading all the Doctor Who fic but then it suddenly occurred to me that I've never seriously checked out Twin Peaks fic, ever, so I went and read all of that, and now I urgently have to make a definitive recs post but don't have the time.

The joy of coming back to reading fanfiction after a long pause is finding that since you last checked any archive, a million new stories have been posted...
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Welcome to Livejournal land, [ profile] anduranova of the TBFC tribe and of the Scape Sisters. Anyone who followed my rec for Poison recently and liked it, go tell [ profile] anduranova - she's the editor.


I'm totally running out of time on uni stuff and still haven't made my Important Decision, so of course, I did the logical thing and spent most of today tagging all my LJ entries for 2002, and sorting through the rest of my Farscape vid backlog. Arrgh.

At least the Farscape tag in the tags list here is about as big as the Life on Mars tag now, as it should be. As I continue to tag the years between 2002 and 2006 it will probably grow even larger.

And I have 1.200 well-sorted Farscape vids, now.


Farscape vid rec for today: back in 2001 or so, Birgit made some of the best fanvids in the entirety of young Farscape fandom. She then mostly disappeared (as a vidder) for several years before re-emerging in 2005 with some vids that I, personally, thought good but not as spectacular as the admittedly hard-to-beat Under Ice (which was the very first fanvid I watched, and which is probably the main reason I turned into the total Farscape fanvid nut that I did.) More recently she's made some rather remarkable vids, which sort of remind me of Under Ice.

J/A shippy vids make up the majority of the fandom's production, and they can kill you with kitsch, so whenever I open a vid to find it's shippy I tend to get wary (and just a tad bored in advance). Birgit's approach to shippiness and shippy angst in her recent vids is one that managed to capture my interest, though. She chooses somewhat jarring, in some cases almost dissonant songs, which somehow - IMO - fit the John/Aeryn relationship much better than your average love ballad from the top of the charts. Like the relationship, these songs have hard edges. She also eschews the 'smooth' look and editing that have been the hallmark of many of the better vids in recent years, using some very odd effects and blending images in a quick and sometimes deliberately messy succession that nevertheless somehow works. The overall impression is occasionally hectic and disjointed, but fits both the music and the relationship depicted perfectly. So hop on over to Birgit's Vids and download

- Missing (J/A shippy/angsty)
- Disarm (J/A shippy/angsty)
- Goodbye, Blue Sky (PKW, wormholes, time)
- Three Sunrises (J/A shippy)


And, for [ profile] amonitrate and [ profile] bimo and other Twin Peaks fanatics (as well as anyone else who's interested in superb vidding): astolat has made a Twin Peaks vid that is so good it leaves me speechless. You can download it here. The editing is perfect, the song is perfect, and the crazy thing is that that song has been linked to Twin Peaks in my mind since I first heard it, back in the same year I watched Twin Peaks for the first (and so far only) time.

ETA: Go and leave [ profile] astolat feedback here!

This vid captures the essence of Twin Peaks so well it gave me Bob nightmares yesterday.

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