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1.) Since I talked about the cold and Radiohead in my last post: I haven't managed to organise my notes about my three concert experiences yet, but this here is an accurate representation of me at the last one. Coldest concert of their career, according to Thom Yorke - who arrived on stage visibly shivering and didn't stop griping about the cold for the next two hours! Poor guy, figures he'd be cold - he's my height and size, more or less, and he didn't have a blanket. ;-)

(That's the blanket I also use at my desk in winter, btw. Though I may have to get a new one, as this one was seemingly irredeemably muddied at the concert. I've washed it, but there's still a ton of mud in it. - And my eye's kind of half-swelled-shut in the picture because I had a pretty bad cold and that always affects my eyes.)

2.) Thanks for the encouragement regarding my temperature experiment! Nice to know that there's hope... I've decided to postpone the continuation of the experiment till after Radiohead, though, because it just occurred to me it would be bloody stupid of me to get another cold before the concert. Wasn't much fun to be coughing instead of singing along the last time around... :D (Yes, people do sing along at Radiohead concerts.)

3.) I just talked to my aunt on the phone and she had the most brilliant idea. We talked about my lack of self-control and my inability to organise my life and go to bed at normal times and get up in the morning and so on. She suggested that, every time I do something like getting up too late, I should give some money to some political organisation I utterly despise. Germany's ruling conservative party; a lobbyist group for the coal industry; something like that. :D

I actually really think this is a brilliant idea. Part of me really wants to try it... though I'm also worried, because what if even that deterrent isn't strong enough, and I end up transferring lots and lots of money to a lobbyist group for the coal industry? I couldn't live with myself...

Still... kudos to my aunt for thinking outside the box. :D
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at how my escalating Radiohead obsession stole away my energy for the LoM archive trawl I'd begun in February, actually. LoM is still the fandom I'm "writing" fic about in my mind all the time, so it's definitely still an active fandom for me. But my fannish reading, in the last few months, has been Citizen Insane - a mindbogglingly huge collection of twenty-odd years' worth of Radiohead media coverage, which I consume as obsessively as I ever consumed fic.

The good thing is, once I'm done with that, that'll be that. New Radiohead media coverage isn't generated at the same rate as new fic (not even fic in a slow and old fandom), so once I've read the entire archive, there won't be any new, large amounts of text about Radiohead that demand to be read. So, with that in mind, I try to basically get it over with as quickly as I can, so as to be able to then go back to more fannishly productive things such as fic archive trawls.

I'm still only in the mid-nineties with my Radiohead article reading endeavour, though, so there's still about seventeen years to go. Arrgh.
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I'm still searching for the perfect King of Limbs era concert, but here's some official videos from different eras to tide you over. ;-)

First, the classic, Street Spirit:

This is a video they only released on the internet, I think. The song's from In Rainbows:

And this is my favourite result from a video contest they held at the time of In Rainbows. This is thus a fan-made video, but it was elevated to official status as a contest winner:

And with this one they baffled and amused the internet last spring. It's the only video from The King of Limbs:

It immediately evolved into a meme, of course.

Last but not least: the From the Basement live version of The King of Limbs album opener, Bloom:

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(Just in case you're wondering what phase of the cycle I'm in today.)


Actually I have a question that I'm probably not going to get any answers to...

If you're among the people who have only a very vague idea of Radiohead, and have a couple of minutes to spare (experts need not apply):
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I sure wouldn't have expected that in 2012, I'd be watching/listening to band interviews from the early nineties while folding my laundry.
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Think I'm gonna try for that after all, when the normal tickets go on sale (possibly sometime today?) - even though it's in October, when I'll hopefully be back at work, and on a Monday. I hope they're using again. That site seems to have a decent reselling/transferring procedure in place, so it should be possible to sell my ticket, in the likely case of my not being able to attend the concert.

(It's rather ironic that out of the three tickets I have so far, the only one that's easily resellable is the one for the gig I'm the most certain I can attend, Berlin night 2.)

Anybody wanna come with me, if I do go to Cologne?

Didn't think so. :D

Though if you do, drop me an e-mail so we can coordinate. Would be nice not to do this on my own.
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So I'm exorcising the Radiohead thoughts by doing a quick RH spam here.

Second week of the tour just started, and there's yet another new song already, as well as some rarities nobody ever expected to hear at a concert in 2012 - like this eleven years old b-side that had never been played live at all.

Actually, the new song isn't a new song. Rather, it's the (or perhaps just: *a*) full-band version of a song that Thom Yorke has been playing solo for a while. I find it pretty interesting how Yorke's songs evolve. They usually start as solo pieces played on piano or with a single acoustic guitar. And then they're brought into the band arena - either Radiohead, or Yorke's other band, Atoms For Peace - and frequently become entirely unrecognisable in the process that follows.

Here's some examples:

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(I hope this works... I've never embedded video here before, let alone across platforms.)
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Right. So the tour kicked off on Monday, and they're gonna be touring through most of the rest of the year, so I'll probably be posting a bit about that from time to time here. (It's still completely impossible to tell whether I'll be able to attend any of the gigs I got tickets for, btw. *sigh*)

They premiered two new songs on Monday - both clearly still unfinished, but I've grown quite obsessed with this one in particular. This is the other one; I like this one, too. (But then, I like almost everything they've done, so that's hardly surprising, lol.)

And here's an old favourite.
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One thing I enjoy doing occasionally: seeking out Thom Yorke covers of songs by bands like Joy Division and The Smiths, whose singers have low voices compared to the falsetto Yorke has become associated with in the public imagination, and reading the surprised comments about how low his voice can go.

Sadly, there aren't that many covers of that sort, so as hobbies go, this is a rather limited one. Though maybe that's a good thing. There are probably more useful things I could do with my time.

(A variation on this is looking at the comments for youtube vids that show him laughing and being silly - there's invariably at least a few comments along the lines of "Thom Yorke can laugh?!??!")
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One thing I find puzzling and fascinating is the way the romantic idea of the genius, and perhaps specifically, some version of the romantic idea of the poet, is somehow still a recognisable component of the idea of the rock star - and how oddly that sits with the business aspect, and the "macho" aspect, and the "big production" aspect (dozens of trucks of equipment for a tour, and who knows how much power to amplify the music to stadium volume). It's such a strange, disparate cluster of ideas (and facts) that make up what we think of as a rock star - a fascinating example of how culture reworks certain themes.

Maybe it's particularly visible when the band you're reading about is Radiohead, and the star in question is Thom Yorke - the lives (and works) of romantic poets are clearly the template for much of the hagiography that surrounds the band, and the man - and who could blame the journalists, when the material they get to work with - the known facts of Yorke's life - include such elements as treating your depression by taking long walks in the more picturesque parts of the British countryside, and hiding in hedges during rainstorms.

(I'm not sure where I'm going with this. I think I'll just leave it at that, for now.)
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All right; I think I've just given everyone who's subscribed to my dreamwidth blog access. Gimme a shout if I missed you.


I wrote something for the first time in almost half a year yesterday night. Six sentences. The bloody fic *still* isn't done, though. (Just noticed it's been almost six years now. Holy shit. I mean, it's the longest thing I've ever written, but... fourteen pages in six years is still pretty terrible.)

So, so close to done... But, as usual, I don't quite know how to finish it. I think I'm only missing a sentence or two. Perhaps five. (Anyone wanna help?)


The full, HD version of Radiohead's The King of Limbs From the Basement session is now available on youtube, with official permission from the BBC and from Radiohead. Praise be to Austin Brock, provider of countless hours of RH video.
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Here, have my favourite-ever pic of Thom Yorke.

This is still my favourite, after nearly a year of this. I like how serene and lost in the music he looks, like he's on another planet entirely. Also, Ed O'Brien and Jonny Greenwood doing guitar stuff in the background (playing into each other's pickups to create some effect, I think? Not enough of a guitar nerd yet to understand all this stuff.) And his untidy hair - you can just tell he's buried his hands in it recently (he's always doing that. Also, rubbing his beard, scratching his nose, massaging his face... it's a nervous tic, I think.) But yeah, it's mainly the expression on his face that gets me. I get nearly the same charge of vicarious serenity out of it as I get out of watching a sleeping cat.

BTW, I know nearly exactly what moment in what song during what concert this is. That's how much of a Radiohead live video geek I've become. :D

Here's the concert: ; and it's somewhere between 9:10 and 9:30 or so. So, okay, a 20 second interval, not the exact moment... Speaking of nervousness and strange behaviour resulting from it, check the song starting at 33:25 for an amazing display of acute shyness on stage by Jonny Greenwood. Seriously, sometimes it's hard to believe that these guys have been on stage for something like 20 years. And after reading and watching a lot of interviews, I really can't believe that scenes like that are just for show. I think they really are this deeply weird and shy. (Although I also do think that they're savvy enough to milk their peculiarities, to some degree. But not to the point where it's all show.)

Oh, may as well go the whole hog now. Here's Thom Yorke oscillating between annoyingly and endearingly unprofessional during an interview. Also, calling himself "the hairy mascot" of Friends of the Earth. :D - Count the face/head/neck-touching behaviours! ;-)
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... at the point where it could have gotten really interesting, yesterday, didn't I? Maybe I'll continue. Sometime. Could be a few weeks, though. A, because I'm crazy busy, and B, because the picture is still shifting. Though I think it will probably keep shifting; that's what's making this so interesting to me, after all.

In the meantime...

This. This ... is so totally the reason why the internet was created. SRSLY. Best fansite ever.

(Check out that enormous, hilarious, work of loving mockery, even if you don't know Yorke from Adam and don't care about Radiohead at all. The attention to detail in some of these matchings is nothing short of amazing. To wit: the hair! The ice cream beard!)
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Which really is only partly an embarrassingly teen-girl like crush on Thom Yorke. Because I suppose that, in a blog devoted to a large degree to my fannish obsessions, this 'phase' deserves at least a minimum of elucidation, even if it doesn't fit the usual pattern. Or rather, especially because it doesn't fit the usual pattern.

I've loved Radiohead for a long time. OK Computer was one of the first albums that really showed me what music I could like could sound like - if that makes any sense. I'm glad I encountered it at an age when I had finally begun to work free of some really strange ideas about music that I had internalised in my teenage years. Basically, at an age when most kids begin to discover music, I felt music didn't belong to me (although it attracted me very strongly). Music - most of it, anyway - was for the cool kids, and as I was clearly not one of the cool kids, it could never be mine.

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Apr. 8th, 2011 11:29 pm
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of basically every Radiohead "there's a new album out" interview, ever:

"Making this album almost destroyed us, so we don't ever want to do that again. But we've learned to relax now, really, we have."


ETA: That said, they do seem more relaxed in their middle age than they seemed in their twenties. It's just kind of funny/odd/alarming/something to see the above pattern cropping up in articles as early as 1995, when you know that the big breakdown(s) [or whatever you would call it] was/were still ahead...

ETA2: It's almost as if they're collectively bipolar or something. Down, and up, and down, and up, and down, and up...

ETA3: Any day now, I'll have exhausted the internet's store of Radiohead-related material... I *have* to believe that. ;-)

ETA4: Good thing there are no interviews at all about the new album. ;-)


Apr. 2nd, 2011 05:58 am
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This has definitely entered unhealthy territory now.

(Any ideas for something funnier to put into that thought bubble? I feel the only way to - somewhat - validate the past hour and a half of my life would be to find something clever and witty to put there...)

ETA: I actually edited the hair, PIXEL BY PIXEL. I AM A DEEPLY SAD INDIVIDUAL.
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- but it makes me laugh nevertheless. Well, parts of it do, anyway - others are kind of cheap shots (and others yet I don't get).

But... "8% things that go 'bleep'"... & "8% things that go 'skitterskitterskitter'? Heeeeeeeeh. Yes.
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is weird. Of course, years ago I simply didn't understand a thing. I still find lyrics more difficult to understand than normal, spoken language, a lot of the time, but more and more often, I'm having these moments where I feel like I understand something, only to think, "wait a sec, that *can't* be it..." ("Fingers in the blackbird pie?") - and then I go and check it on some lyrics website or other, and it turns out to be right...

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