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There's still something I utterly don't get about slash in LoM fandom - and it's not the sex, although that still doesn't do anything for me. But I 'get' why the sex might be interesting for people.

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Mar. 4th, 2012 06:40 pm
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It just occurred to me that I've never focused on relationships as much, in any of my fandoms, as in Life on Mars. Even though most of my fic here still isn't properly shippy as such, Sam's relationships are an important element in nearly all of my stories, published and in progress. In earlier fandoms, I focused much more on "solo angst" and solo character studies and so on.

It's very difficult to write Sam without giving him someone to interact with (which mostly means, someone to hurt, though usually inadvertently).

Actually, this may be due to the way the last episode changed my view of him, though. Before that (and, to some degree, after) I enjoyed Sam-focused angst (based on the coma/time travel/insanity aspect) perfectly well. I can't seem to write it, though - not without adding the mess of his relationships. It seems, I dunno, indulgent? Not true to his character?

Oh look, I meta'd. (A tiny little bit.)
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Title: The MAD Doctrine
Author: Hmpf MacSlow
Rating: General audiences or teen and up
Word Count: ca. 6,500 words
Notes: Stellar beta, as usual, by the very awesome [personal profile] beccatoria. Much useful discussion, throughout the years of this fic's gestation, was had with [personal profile] space_oddity_75. Official Bowie consultant: [profile] jazzymegster. Other musical advice: [profile] lozenger8. Footnote formatting advice: [personal profile] mikes_grrl. Also, thanks to anyone else who endured my ramblings about this story in the past five years.
Soundtrack and lyrics: Here. (Link fixed.)
Summary: Back to the future. . . the long way 'round.

This will be posted to lifein1973 as well, in a moment.

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Jan. 22nd, 2012 11:04 pm
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I just noticed: I had Sam pick up the guitar in my (99% finished, arrgh!) current LoM work in progress, a year or so ago.

I hope I'm not imitating him in other ways, too. I mean, playing the guitar is fine, but causing WW3, and wandering around in the ruins of nuked cities? That's where I draw the line. :D

Gah, I need to finish that story. I'm *so* close. If I could free up a few braincells for this...
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(Edited.) This is a more precise version of the question previously posted here:

ETA: If you know a bit about 80s and 90s music, please check out my question. I could really use some help.
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Still just under 5,300, because of course I had to go and cut a lot today before I went and added something new.

Seeing now that a lot of what I wrote so quickly in the last few days still needs a whole lot of work. Not sure of my characterisation in a few places; that Sam's been weird ever since the War doesn't help. It's difficult to gauge how weird, and in which specific ways, he would be in any given situation...

I thought I'd killed younger!Sam, the day before yesterday, but now I think he's actually still alive. That's good - even though the news of his death didn't seem to faze older!Sam much at all (though maybe it partly inspired his casual cruelty against the creepy crawlies in his garden - I dunno). Still, there's really been enough death in this story.

I think I found the ending today. Haven't written it yet, but I really know what's going to happen. I think.

I also think I wrote the first of two missing transitions today, though that may not be quite done yet.


And now, a note on another fic - one I wrote years ago and am about to revise a bit before I post it on AO3. That fic's set on another planet, whose surface I described, at the time, thus: ... there is no horizon, the emptiness of the ground melting into the emptiness of the sky. I'd never actually seen anything like that, but a few days ago I found this photo from Antarctica:

Yep, that's sky meeting ground there, although you can't see any horizon. It looks almost like I imagined it, except in my story the sky and the ground were much closer in colour, so the effect would be even more confusing.


And, courtesy of Improv Everywhere, via boingboing, here's what would happen if an Immortal went to an art gallery and stood in front of his own portrait:

Take-home message: immortals really need to stop worrying about being recognised. The public doesn't give a shit. :D


Going flat hunting tomorrow.
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God, how I hate it to be so frelling inspired, with absolutely no time to write. (Three job applications, minimum, are due this week, the first of them tomorrow.)

I want to go back to Sam and Annie and radioactive vegetables and New World rock. They've finally begun talking to each other again, too. No fair! Inspiration is so rare for me, why does it have to happen *now*?


Apr. 25th, 2010 04:29 pm
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Today I noticed I didn't have enough bread or anything for breakfast, really, so I decided to go to the fairly affordable café around the corner and have breakfast there. (I usually don't do this, obviously, as it still costs more than my entire daily food budget, but sometimes I break my own rules. I'll just have to live especially cheaply for the next few days.)

So, even though I'm crazy busy, I decided to take my writing folder. And I actually managed to get into the story I wanted to work on, and wrote about half a scene, in about an hour, yay! I'm near the home stretch now!

(Angsty icon because me getting some writing done is almost always bad news for Sam. Though, to be fair, this time it isn't, so much. He got *better*, today.)

More yayness: culf just sent me a download link for this:

It's a very funny vid about... Sam Tyler versus Sam Tyler. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do so NOW.
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Because I just discovered these again on my webspace:

The very gorgeous John Simm emoting most beautifully all over the place.

(ETA: No particular connection between the titles of those files/links and the images, btw. I just randomly assigned all the words of the sentence one image each; so 'beautifully' is *not* the most beautiful, etc.)
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[ profile] mikes_grrl has craftily destroyed my peace of mind, so I did something obsessive to get my zen-like calm back, and finally uploaded my odd piece of Appearances-based method writing to my website.

I also added a short teaser for the Farscape fic I'm currently writing to the Farscape fic page (scroll down, it's the one titled 'Dead Man's Jacket'), and fixed an Americanism and an embarrassing typo in Names.
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I just felt like it.

Stumbled across that screencap today among my files, and, well, that's one of the few unequivocal instances of Sam being sort of awesome, so there.

Yes, I know it's bad. Hey, I don't know the first thing about my graphics program; and I only have one not-completely-horrible font. I know it's too dark, and I know the font size is too big; but it was the smallest the program would do. And if I put in the text earlier, when the image's still big, it always comes out all blurry in the end.
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reading titles and summaries of Valentine's Day fic at the comm, I suppose.

I just discovered that - in addition to my general allergy to 'soulmates' ideas etc. - I have a particular dislike of the idea that Gene is somehow the first and only person Sam has met who is really 'right' for him. It's the shippy version of "only 1973 is the right place/time for Sam, he could never be happy in 2006/2007", I suppose. In both cases, I don't like how the problem is externalised. The problem - Sam's problem - is *Sam*. Not 2006. Not other people. *Sam* is the one who is so screwed up as to be unable to live, or love.

Right. Back to the &%§#!% thesis. *sigh*


Nov. 5th, 2008 06:49 pm
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I notice that all the recs so far in the het category of this year's recommendations week at [ profile] lifein1973 are Sam/Maya. Now, that does please me. However, I also notice that all the recced fics (I've browsed them, not read them properly, because I'm in a bit of a hurry right now - shouldn't be posting here, either, really) are about them separating/about how the relationship really never worked properly. And, yeah, I've been having one hell of a difficult time writing my own Sam/Maya fic, myself.

I wonder: is it possible at all to write a *working* Sam/Maya relationship? Or does it always have to be broken from the start/broken beyond repair? Of course, with slash goggles firmly in place the obvious answer would be something like "it never worked and never will because Sam's actually gay, even if he doesn't realise it." But I sort of want to believe that what was wrong with the relationship was something *other* than just repressed homosexuality - something even more complicated, perhaps - that was wrong with Sam; something that may be fixed.

But is this me being too pollyanna to see reality?
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... that I am a very sick individual:

I am currently having far too much fun with a comments conversation about making Sam die a horrible, horrible death.

(@ Everyone: please, go read Appearances etc., which I recced here a while ago. Ever since finding out that there will probably be a sequel, I've been going frelling batshit CRAZY with speculation bunnies, and I NEED someone I can blather to about this. At the moment I'm mostly spamming the author herself, which, aside from the fact that it keeps her from WRITING (much more important than listening to my blathering!!) also seems to have a disturbing, potentiating effect on our respective evilness; and that *can't* be good for the fic! (Or, well, not for the protagonists, anyway. *snerk*)
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I just stumbled upon this description of SUV users from a market report by the automobile industry:

"They tend to be people who are insecure and vain. They are frequently nervous about their marriages and uncomfortable about parenthood. They often lack confidence in their driving skills. Above all, they are apt to be self-centered and self-absorbed, with little interest in their neighbors or communities."

Now, I'm not 100% sure if Sam's car really counts as an SUV, but it certainly rather looks like one - and the description fits him rather well...

I need to print this out and tack it to the wall above my screen when I'm writing Sam, because I tend to write him far too nice (misled in my mental image of him by the not all that infrequent moments in his 1973 life in which he's *not* acting like an asshole, damn those inconsistent LOM writers *g*). I'm certainly writing him rather too nice in the 'private' fic I'm writing at the moment - although that's partly justified by its being a sort of epilogue to mindfic, i.e. the 'end result' of a much longer story in which he has plenty of time and opportunity to change.
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I'm doing that 'posting somewhat prematurely' thing again, because I'm still waiting for [ profile] icudoc to give his final okay on my use of medical vocabularly in this (and also, I'm still marginally unhappy with some details of the poem section), but I'm frustrated with uni stuff right now and finishing a fic and *getting it out there* seemed like a good cure for that frustration. So:

Title: How to Love a Madman
Fandom: Life on Mars
Characters: Sam, Annie
Genre/type: mildly angsty shippy gen. YAFE (Yet Another Formal Experiment).
Length: 652 words
Spoilers: none
Thanks to: [ profile] beccatoria, for an intense beta. [ profile] icudoc, for medical vocabulary.
Dedicated to: [ profile] space_oddity_75, with love and gratefulness.
Link: How to Love a Madman

This will be crossposted to [ profile] lifein1973 in a couple of days, but I want to sleep on it and reread it a couple of times before I do that.

(Wheeeee! An opportunity to use my 'stay' icon without feeling dirty! *g*)
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You know, I *love* playing around with time travel fic ideas in LoM. I think about bringing the 1970s crowd to the present; I take Sam (who in my personal canon is in the present, at least most of the time) back into the past; I have them all jumping between times randomly...

Yet at some point these bunnies always die. And it's mostly Sam who kills them. Because as soon as I make it a definite case of time travel, i.e. a situation in which he can't tell himself anymore that he's dreaming, he either goes a bit mad, or he starts to get too inquisitive for his own good. He wants to know how in hell it is possible, he wants to know what caused it - and he wants a believable explanation, not some handwaving, because he's Sam. And time travel takes over the story, and I have to invent old classmates who went into quantum physics and just *happen* to be involved in certain experiments, or bring in the Doctor (usually with Rose as Sam's cousin, and a kind of accidental transfer of 'powers' as the deus ex machina-like explanation. That *sort* of works to shut Sam up, although he mostly still reacts with the other option he has beyond being inquisitive, namely, going a bit mad. Sam's not the type for taking something fantastic in stride; he's been questioning his sanity for too long.)

Depending on how I do the time travel it's hard, sometimes, even to get Sam to interact with time-travelling 1970s people. The last time I brought some over to the present he spent the first 24 hours just glaring at them, or pointedly ignoring them. And who can blame him - here he was thinking he was finally doing okay again in the sanity department, yet there are his 'hallucinations' again - only this time they haunt him in the present. Not the most reassuring thing that could happen to you if you've just overcome what you can only frame as suicidal delusions.

So, I think I'll probably never be able to write an actual time travel story. (Reading them is somewhat easier, although there, too, I have problems with the handwaving, sometimes.)
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Irony? Where?

The current Sam Death Count in fic by Hmpf:

Starving on the Jump Down: all about Sam dying.

Round the Bend in Eighty Days: starts with Sam dying (and did so long before series two even began, I may add.)

Möglichkeitssinn: prospect of death on the horizon.

Back to the Future: ditto, though it's partly a utopia, so maybe I'll add a miracle cure.

Miracle: prospect of death on the horizon. Possibly.

Borderlands: starts out with Sam already dead.

How to Love a Madman: alive and well! Honest! (Just a bit insane, but that's par for the course.) *g*
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In my (glacier-slow) quest of catching up with fic in [ profile] lifein1973 (another thing I do when I'm at work *g*) I got to [ profile] amy_wolf's "No" today. It's an interesting fic that makes the argument that Joni actually raped Sam. I'm not sure I agree, but this is tricky terrain, so I don't think I should be too sure of my own responses. I do have some arguments for my - tentative - view that it probably wasn't rape, though:

Rape or no rape? )


Farscape and rape )


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