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So relieved!

I've sort of known for two weeks, but I just got the final confirmation that I can come in and sign my contract next week.

It's customer service, with an insurance company. Basically, I'll be one of the people you call when you need to report an accident. If I can polish up my French a bit I may be able to work in the international division eventually (which involves exciting tasks such as talking to French car mechanics when an insurance customer's car breaks down in France, etc. :D).

I'll be doing 25 hours per week, in somewhat flexible shifts. It'll be... interesting to see how I'll fit my goldsmithing around that, but I'll work something out. I'll have to.

The only sad thing about this is that I may have to cancel my Worldcon plans - I'm not really sure I'll be able to take time off in August.

Ah well...

Oct. 9th, 2013 09:41 pm
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I guess I just have to get really, really successful making and selling jewellery, eh?
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... the job in question having been outsourced. WTF guys, why did you advertise it in the first place, if you were about to outsource it?


Jan. 3rd, 2013 10:32 pm
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I've been using f.lux for a few weeks now.

Well, I don't know if it's the program, or the fact that my life has turned busy and scary in about the same timeframe, but I've been getting monstrously tired really really early in the last few weeks. It's half past ten now, and I'm so knackered I can barely think.

I'm not sure I like this effect. I'd like to... not be a complete wreck in the evenings, yet still be able to sleep reasonably early? Is that possible?
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I've started reducing the stacks of paper on my desk and in various other parts of the flat.

It's my first archaeological excavation since 2008.
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Ugh, ugh, ugh. This is a first.

I'm really afraid that they were already moldy when I last ate some of them, a couple of months ago or less. The idea that there might be mold on dried beans just hadn't ever occurred to me, so I never checked. And they were (and are) still well within their use-by date!

I had them in a tin! How could they get moldy? They couldn't get wet in there!
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Now I can never move into a small flat again...

Also, now I have no excuse at all any longer not to do some goldsmithing.

ETA: That's my kitchen, btw. Isn't it crazy-huge?
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1.) Life: been doing a fair bit of RL stuff, so not as much internetting.

2.) I did play some games, though, as mentioned before. They're all more or less casual, so not too time-consuming (Botanicula took something like two evenings). Currently playing Sword & Sworcery, which is still staggeringly beautiful. And somewhat creepy. I'm playing it in small portions, so as to savour it as much as possible. I'm slightly less than one fifth of the way through.

3.) Food blogging:
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Don't worry, I won't keep up the foodblogging forever. For one thing, I won't always be able to cook as much as I do at the moment. For another, my "repertoire" of dishes isn't actually all that big, and I won't bore you with three dozen different pics of spaghetti with tomato sauce. So, once I'm beginning to repeat myself, I'll stop.
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says my ancient (ca. 25 years old), long-neglected bike is fixable and I may get another 10-12 years of use out of it. Yay!

It'll cost me around 200 euros - nearly all the moving parts have to be replaced. That's okay, though. A good used bike would cost me not much less than that, and also, I'm kind of sentimentally attached to my old warhorse.
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So, today I put a lot of stuff away into IKEA cardboard boxes, and started unpacking the last three big boxes that are still sitting in a corner of my kitchen (couldn't unpack them completely, though, as I still lack the furniture to put all that stuff away). And then I went to the basement and reorganised my storage compartment there, putting the million 70 empty, folded-up boxes into the farthest corner so as to unearth my bike and the shelves and another seven boxes I still haven't unpacked, all of which were mostly buried under all the empty boxes.

Will try to get the bike fixed tomorrow. Also, I'll start looking through the contents of those seven boxes, which are mostly filled with the remains of my old room at my parents', i.e., kids' books, some old toys, boxes full of twenty-plus year old cards and letters and notes, etc. Hopefully I'll be able to discard a lot of that stuff. Not all, though - silly as it is, I find it difficult to get rid of things I wrote or drew as a kid.

Had a quick look at the contents of one of the boxes today. Lots of notes about death and the meaning, or lack thereof, of life. - I don't think I've changed much, in some respects. :D

I'm really glad I actually have a dry and clean basement here. It was impossible to store anything not made entirely of plastic or some other waterproof material in the basement of the house where I lived before... everything would get moldy in no time.
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for inefficient people? 'Cause my iron levels are better now, but I still fail resoundingly at being a reliable, efficient and stress-resistant employee, and I'm beginning to feel pretty certain that I can't learn to be these things.
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Apparently my iron levels are so low as to almost warrant transfusions right now. My doctor tells me that with an iron level like that, she wouldn't be able to get out of bed, let alone work efficiently, either. She's amazed I went hiking like this.

This may explain a lot. :D

Still going to see a psychiatrist/neurologist tomorrow, though. Can't hurt; and I'm pretty sure I have some... issues there, too.


In the category "stress factors I really didn't need": a colleague just reserved all the books that I had our library order for my seminar for a seminar of her own. All of them. Did I mention I haven't even read them yet, nor prepared the first few sessions of my seminar? How am I gonna do that if I have to give all the books (the books the library only ordered because *I* asked them to buy them!) to her now? How can I prepare without books?

Oh, and my seminar starts in less than two weeks. In other words, I'm fucked. Kinda.

Could copy the books before I hand them over, I suppose. But that would take hours - hours that I really need for *reading* them, and deciding what I'm going to do with them in the seminar etc.

Could buy them all, too. But, eeek. So expensive. Also, who knows when they would actually arrive.
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I dunno, I should probably switch it off. If there wasn't anything on the news yet there probably won't be later, either - right? Heard those sirens maybe half an hour ago, for a minute or so. They were pretty far away, so I'm not sure how long they were already doing their thing - I became aware of them somewhat gradually. Anyway, they're were fairly far away, so whatever it is they were warning of was fairly far away, too. (Not that that's necessarily that reassuring, in case of an, I dunno, accidental release of something really nasty into the environment. Though I don't even know if there's any nasty industries around here.)

What kind of situation usually results in the activation of sirens in the middle of the night?
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Nothing on the radio, though. What's going on?

My flat

Jul. 8th, 2011 01:17 pm
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Short update on the stink: it has lessened - maybe it had something to do with the heat. It seems somewhat correlated with days when the temperature in my flat reaches or exceeds 30 degrees Celsius.

But, because things just *can't* be easy even for five minutes here, it's now raining through the roof in my bathroom.

And my internet connection died two days ago and hasn't come back yet (I'm writing this from my computer at work). I'm still waiting for my internet provider's tech support department to call me back.

(Oh, also? My stereo's tape deck, my laptop's mouse, my desktop's power supply unit, and my headphones died - all within the last few weeks. I must be cursed.)


May. 1st, 2011 08:00 pm
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Yes, it really looks like that.

I know this is kind of how a lot of people imagine Germany, but believe me, there aren't many places that look like that anymore. That's why the entire town centre is a UNESCO Heritage site.

I'm much more used to this kind of city, so this feels a lot like some sort of culture shock.
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to suggest books for the to-be-expanded American Cultural Studies section of the university library.

I've already suggested several hundred euros worth' of books. (All approved, so far!)

Kid. In a. Candy store. :D


Gaaaah. This laptop is driving me mad. I shouldn't complain, as it's a gift and all (also, almost completely new, with a shiny new huge empty harddrive...) But all the random zooming in and out, popping up of programs and windows I didn't ask for, not to mention the fact that the touchpad randomly seems to stop working, is really making it difficult to work with this thing.

Also, the keyboard. Arrgh. It's basically flat, without the typical 'key-shaped' keys, and I'm finding it difficult to touch-type on it. Apparently my fingers are used to the tradional key shapes.

First week

Apr. 30th, 2011 04:08 pm
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The town is mindbendingly romantic. It's like living in a Disney movie.

There are no supermarkets. At all.

And shops tend to close reaaaaaalllly early.

Doing my grocery shopping here will take careful planning. :-(

It feels strange to be able to say "my office".

It feels strange to sit on "the other side" - with the staff - during the introduction for new students.

There are countless cafés. (So, I guess, if I should continue to be unable to find a proper supermarket, I could just go and eat in cafés every day.)

My dad's laptop (well, it's mine, now) has some incredibly annoying "features". Maybe it's Windows 7, maybe it's the fact that the browser is Firefox, maybe it's the *frelling* weird touchpad, maybe it's some presets my dad made. I have to find out if I can change some of these things, but I'm always so exhausted when I come "home".

Speaking of "home" - I'm still moving from hotel to holiday apartment to holiday apartment, never staying longer than two days in any one place. It's not exactly the most relaxing way of living, but I'm not really looking forward to next week's change, either: then I'll be moving into my own flat, but until the 19th I'll still be mostly without furniture and other things. I'll have a mattress and a table and a chair, and maybe a couple of pots and so on. Yay.

At work, I still feel cripplingly inadequate. Not good. I need a better attitude; I'm surrounded by efficient and positive people; I need to fit in.

It's also raining a lot, and I forgot my umbrella, and so far haven't managed to actually get to a shop where I could buy one at a time when that shop was still open. As I already mentioned, shops close early here. Today the rain is particularly bad, feels like an ocean falling from the sky at the moment, and I'm frelling hungry. With that rain, I'd have to swim to the next café or restaurant. Wish I had some food here...


I've found a program which downloads youtube videos in quite decent quality. I have a laptop with lots of free disc space... I suspect this may not be a very healthy combination.


Thanks to the aforementioned annoying "features" of my new laptop, typing this entry took more than half an hour. I think I won't be posting all that much, in the near future.

Got a flat.

Mar. 8th, 2011 09:38 pm
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It's tiny, though - it will be difficult to fit in everything I need, especially my workshop. I also may have to get rid of a 66 year old chest of drawers which was my grandparents first piece of furniture when they were refugees after the war. It's too bulky for the tiny rooms. :-(
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(aside from the fact that I can't really afford it, that is. ;-))

In 34 years, I've lived in seven different flats, in five different cities.

In every one of them, EXCEPT FOR THE ONE WHERE I LIVE NOW, I was slightly unhappy, always in a slightly different way.

It's very hard to move away from the only place in your life where you've felt completely at home in every way.

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