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I've decided I need to post this before I edit it to death. Concrit, up to and including full betaing, is very welcome - this is *far* from perfect. It's basically a really early example of my writing, about eleven years old. I edited the shit out of it, and I do mean that literally. (ETA: This doesn't mean that it's good now, though. Just... less shit.)

In case some of the memories in here feel familiar: yes, all my Methos fics, but in particular this one here, Endure, and 68 Wives, are set in the same universe. And there is, theoretically, a story that ties them all together, more or less, if I ever get around to picking that one up again. (That unfinished story was literally my very first fic, and is therefore not even in active development anymore, as my writing has changed so much since 1999 that I'd need to rewrite it completely if I were to pick it up again. So that probably won't happen.)

Title: Epilogue
Author: Hmpf MacSlow
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos, OC
Summary: A Quickening, seen from both sides.
Notes: A Lyric Wheel story from 2001, much revised.
Read more... )
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My Post-Gathering Highlander fic from 2003(?), Endure, has been available in a revamped version on AO3 for a little while now. I didn't mention it before because I wanted to reread it first. I have now done so, and have decided that it's fit to be more widely shared. I really do think it's much improved; a lot of the things that bothered me about it are gone now (yeah, I went the editing-by-machete way again. What can I say - it works!)

Here it is. Update your bookmarks, or whatever.


Mar. 19th, 2011 03:37 am
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I've been bad. I've gone and read some fic. HL, Methos, my eternal number one fic reading fandom, the one I always keep coming back to.

And... there was some really nice characterisation there and all. And yet... suddenly, a bit of romance creeps in, and takes me right out of it, and I can't get back into the story, afterwards.

Why am I so bloody allergic to romance? It's not even like it would be out of character for Methos (unlike Sam and Gene, whom I really can't see having candlelight dinners and giving each other flowers)! Methos' entire relationship with Alexa is straight out of a romance novel. And I've written some bad romantic angst for him myself, in my very first fic, way back... Yet I can't read that kind of thing.


I also notice that I - hypocritically - tend to avoid fics featuring OFCs, and to some degree even OMCs. Hypocritically, because I've written both - in particular, I've written an OFC who's only a hair's breadth away from being a Mary Sue (maybe even is a Mary Sue) - and in a Horsemen fic, no less! I really should give some of those fics a chance.


Mar. 17th, 2011 04:47 am
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814 fics featuring Methos at AO3. And from what I can see at first glance, a *lot* of them actually look really interesting. There's new fic by Amand-r, even.


Duuude, I'm *so* overdue a dive into fic reading.

Stupid RL, always interfering... (I suppose I could replace my fic writing time with fic reading time, but somehow I can't bear *that* thought, not with Back to the Future so close to finishing, and other fics percolating in my brain. Arrrgh.)

Fic recs?

Jan. 8th, 2011 11:20 pm
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I have no time for this now, really, but just for bookmarking purposes: anybody know of any good crossovers in which Methos meets the Doctor? (I was planning to write one myself, at one time, titled "The Doctor and Doctor Adams", but never really got around to developing anything approaching a plot for that...)


Extra points if it's the Ninth Doctor!

Or one of the classic Doctors.

(Also, any kind of spectacular Ninth Doctor fic would be welcome. I kind of miss him, still.)
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than the Star Wars extended universe would be Highlander, I just realised. Loads of potential in the basic concept; some stellar moments, a *lot* of meh, and some absolutely atrocious moments, but you kind of have to slog through the bad stuff to catch the good stuff.

Speaking of Highlander, I think the RTD Doctor is going through his Methos-as-a-Horseman phase. Less overtly barbarian, but just as much about power tripping. And at roughly the same age as Methos was when he became a Horseman, too! (Based on Cassandra's age, and the assumption that Methos was probably nearer the end of his time as a Horseman than near the beginning when he 'met' her, I've always assumed he started his Horseman phase at roundabout age 1000, and stopped around age 2000. The Doctor's a bit younger than 1000, but not by much.

BTW, the Doctor seems to have been around 900 years of age a long time, by our standards, doesn't he? I mean, considering he's gone through nearly all the regenerations available to a Timelord since the beginning of the show, shouldn't he be much older by now? Or are we to assume he's actually using up the lion's share of his regenerations in just, what, a hundred years or so? (How long has he been giving his age as around 900 anyway? ETA: Just looked it up. It seems he's been around 900 since he was the Sixth Doctor. So, he's basically regenerated five or six times in the last decade or two(?) of his life. That's rather alarming... ETA2: Reading on, I encountered the "he simply has no clue" theory. Which makes a lot of sense. *g*)
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Anybody wanna help me fix a very old (2001!) story with an interesting concept (a quickening, seen from both sides) and somewhat flawed execution? I just noticed that I took this offline for a rewrite *years* ago, but I haven't managed to improve it so far, so I guess I need help.
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[ profile] mikes_grrl has craftily destroyed my peace of mind, so I did something obsessive to get my zen-like calm back, and finally uploaded my odd piece of Appearances-based method writing to my website.

I also added a short teaser for the Farscape fic I'm currently writing to the Farscape fic page (scroll down, it's the one titled 'Dead Man's Jacket'), and fixed an Americanism and an embarrassing typo in Names.
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Which means we get beautiful scans like this in the online Simm sphere.

Highlander crossover. NOW. (Well, okay, maybe not now. Maybe it can wait until after the show has actually aired. But, uhm, yes. It's definitely a crossover that *needs* to be written. Sexby meets Methos. Slash optional - you know me, I prefer gen. ... Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
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in a comment on a fic, that what I enjoy in angst (and some h/c) is not the breaking of a character but the character's fighting back against his or her breaking.

And realised, that makes me Methos in this fic.

*is creeped out by self*

ETA: Specifically, this describes how I choose my objects of obsession:

(s)he never chooses those who are broken easily
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Two and a half years ago I had the bright idea of revising some of my oldest stories that I liked in principle, but not in execution. I asked fabulous Highlander fic writer [ profile] amonitrate for help, which she provided. I got about halfway through revising the stupidly titled Sometimes We Believe, got stuck, and promptly sort of forgot about it.

Well, today I felt like *finishing* something for a change, and since nothing else I'm working on is close to finishing at the moment, I decided to give the old story another try. And I think this is about as good as I can make it, or rather, it is as good as I can be *bothered* to make it, now. I don't want to invest any more time and energy in this; I have too many other writing projects that I care more about.

This was my second story (as in: second story, ever). It was written for a Highlander Lyric Wheel in August 2000, I think. Any traces of the Lyric Wheel song have been removed, however. I should probably run this version by [ profile] amonitrate or some other native speaker again, but to be honest, I just want it off my to do list, and also, I feel it would be a bit ridiculous to bother [ profile] amonitrate with it again, after two and a half years. So, instead of sending it to anyone in particular, I put my hope in the collective constructive crit forces of my flist. (Not that I'm not aware of a lot of the problems already; some of them are structural and I'm completely stumped as to how to fix them. Anyway, if you have suggestions...)

Well, here we go:

Title: Sometimes We Believe
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos, Kronos, Silas, Caspian, OC
Rating: R-17
Summary: Some jobs require a certain amount of fanatism.
Thanks to: [ profile] exorcizo_te, who was this story's first beta, many a year ago. [ profile] amonitrate, who was its second beta, somewhat more recently, though still a few years ago. Heh.
Note: Is the Watchers' plan stupid in the extreme? Yes. You got a better one? *g*

This way to the Bronze Age )
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I just remembered I initially meant to add an author's note, but I'm not sure it's really necessary (also, it seems kind of late, now that the fic's probably been read by most of the people who will read it), so... tell me about your perceptions/conclusion so I can judge better, perhaps, whether I should add that note or not:

In 68 Wives I mention one 'wife' who was a man, one 'wife' Methos actually wasn't married to, and one wife who was black. Did this lead you, the readers, to assume that Methos only ever loved one man, only ever loved one woman he didn't actually marry (plus Alexa), and only ever married one black woman? Because I did not mean to imply that, and if I accidentally did, I'd be sort of... uncomfortable.
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Okay. This is *slightly* premature, which in Hmpf!speak means it's 'only' been in betaing and revising stage for *gasp* a year! Clearly, that is *much* too short for such a long fic. */sarcasm*

Well, actually, I *am* posting a bit prematurely, because one last issue isn't quite taken care of yet. But, you know... only one of my two betas thought it was an issue in the first place, and while I tend to agree that it is, there is also the possibility that we both just need to... relax a bit or whatever, so... here's me giving in to my impatient side for once!

Anyway, if you read this, remember there's one sentence in there that I'm not entirely happy with, and that may change a bit yet. For what it's worth.

So, here goes. First *really* new HL fic by me since 2002 (I think), and first fic finished since April/May 2007, too.

Title: 68 Wives
Author: Hmpf MacSlow
Betas: [ profile] amonitrate, [ profile] beccatoria
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos, OFCs
Wordcount: 1333
Warnings: None, really. Mild references to sex and violence, nothing particularly explicit.

Leave feedback here.


How to Love a Madman will probably take a couple more days. It's mostly finished, really (I think now), but I still need a medical beta for some details.
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I sent both How to Love a Madman and 68 Wives out for betaing a few days ago. Hit a few snags with HtLaM, although [ profile] beccatoria liked it (wheee!), so that may be a while yet, but I think 68 Wives should be mostly fine, as this is the second beta round for that fic. So, watch out for surprisingly 'shippy' fic by Hmpf: Methos/68 OFCs and Sam/Annie - coming to this LJ, soon... ish. And this time I do mean it. *g*

And now I'm off to bed, to make up for last night.
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I'm turning ten in fandom this year.

Being the obsessive-compulsive type that I am, I've kept records of my beginnings in fandom. A bit odd, that, because back then I was still fairly convinced it would only be a short, transitory type of madness, and not a lasting and defining feature of my life. Why did I feel a need to keep records of it, then? Guess some part of me knew better already. Read more... )
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Title: Names
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos, OC
Rating: general audience
Word count: 3450
Summary: Methos enjoys being Adam Pierson; Flavius is alarmed by how much he enjoys being Karl-Heinz Müller.
Link: Names

Title: Starving on the Jump Down
Fandom: Life On Mars
Characters: Sam, Ruth, Maya
Rating: errr, somewhere between PG13 and NC17? I dunno.
Warning: spoilers for 2.08
Word count: 369
Summary: three seconds of joy, and the aftermath
Link: Starving on the Jump Down
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When cleaning up my old notes and paperwork recently, I found several abandoned drafts for - sadly unfinished - meta posts. I don't really have the time to clean them up and make them presentable (or add substance to the 'thinner' ones), but I also don't quite feel like simply throwing them away. So, maybe, I'll be posting a few of them here. Or at least I'll be posting one today. It's a - fairly unspectacular, really - bit of Methos meta, but I think it may actually be of some interest for Life on Mars fandom, too, as it deals with canon inconsistencies/insufficiencies and fannish reactions to those. Essentially, it's a bit like the 'canon vs. fanon' situation we have in LoM now, only that in LoM we're still struggling with declaring our mental independence from canon. HL fandom has a lot more practice in that department, as large parts of HL canon have sucked, or at least been severely disappointing, throughout the history of the franchise, and the fandom has been feverishly 'fixing' things for more than fifteen years now... (There's a difference, though, in the fact that the *majority* of HL fandom sees a need to fix things, whereas in LoM fandom only a very small minority feels that way.)

Anyway, this particular bit of meta is not really about the fixing of HL canon in general, but about one character who, arguably, is so very fascinating to fans because he was probably not planned but rather improvised by the writers, which shows in his characterisation... i.e., our fascination, and the fanon versions of his character that we love, are *based* heavily on the fact that *the source text is flawed*.

Here goes the old, abandoned Methos meta. )

ETA: This really hardly even deserves the title 'draft'. It needs fleshing out, it needs structure, it needs lots of things... but I don't have the time.

ETA2: I think the point I was trying to make was that, no matter *how* we interpret him, a certain degree of 'fixing things' is always involved in developing a fannish relationship with Methos.

Gah. My brain is completely fried today. I need to think more about the parallels and differences here - because there *are* differences between the LoM and the HL situation, though I can't quite put my finger on them yet.


Feb. 13th, 2007 12:25 am
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... is done. Started 26.1.2006, finished 12.2.2007 - just over a year. That's pretty good for me, but it's only 1358 words, of course.

Will sleep over it a night or two and then send it off to [ profile] beccatoria and later to [ profile] amonitrate.
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There's something deeply frustrating about being a Methos fan:

Ever since I first discovered Methos (and Highlander), I've felt like a helpless passenger in a car going very fast in a direction I didn't want to go.More behind the cut! )
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I'm still in the grip of the Evil Real Life Monster, but occasionally I watch bits and pieces of HL in between. Today I watched the scene in Rev. 6:8 where Kronos and Methos meet Silas in the woods.

I found myself oddly touched by Methos' reunion with Silas, and disturbed on a number of levels. Touched because his joy of meeting Silas after such a long separation is so obvious. (Btw: he says it's been "over a thousand years", which seems to suggest he met Silas again at least once after the parting of the Horsemen. Interesting. Or perhaps it refers to Silas and *Kronos* parting ways then. Yeah, that makes more sense, I think.) Anyway. So, Methos is *really* happy to be seeing Silas again; I don't think that's him pretending. It's hard to fake a laugh like that. Although... who knows. Still. I choose to believe that in that one moment, and probably *only* that one moment, Methos really lets his guard down and gives in to the joy of being reunited with a very old friend.

Which brings me to the disturbing part. On one level I'm disturbed because Silas represents a part of Methos' past that, at some point, Methos was obviously very eager to leave behind, and isn't too thrilled to have catching up with him now. So, how can he be so unequivocally happy, even if he likes Silas a lot? Shouldn't there be a lot of very uneasy feelings, even if there is also happiness? And, from the look and sound of it, it's such a strangely *innocent* happiness, too. Something in my brain says 'does not compute' when I think about (former) mass-murdering psychopaths(?) having a happy, and, for that moment, totally non-sinister, reunion...

And on another level I'm disturbed because, Methos being Methos, he must have plans of playing MacLeod against the Horsemen already. So that means he must at least be considering the option of betraying Silas in the near future (although I'm willing to believe that he fooled himself into believing that perhaps this needn't result in Silas' death). And all the while he's acting like for the past millennium or so he couldn't wait to play happy little Horsemen with Silas again.

Whatever's going on inside Methos in that scene, it has to be a strange, and probably painful mix of emotions. Trying to imagine it only makes my brain go 'does not compute' again, which, frankly, is a result I often get when seriously trying to think about Methos' inner life. (But that's part of the fun, too.)

All of this, of course, brings us to some familiar conclusions: 1.) Methos is probably the greatest double-dealing bastard there ever was, and you shouldn't trust him not to betray you to your death even when he's obviously very happy to see you. And 2.) Methos must have an incredible ability to cope with inner contradictions and conflict.

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