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Mar. 2nd, 2014 04:12 pm
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Lying in bed with the cold-that-wouldn't-end (15 days now, though I only stayed home one day, but I've been coughing up a lung at work, and been sent home sick twice, hours before my shift would have normally ended - just great, at the beginning of a new job, in the training phase. Wanna bet I won't make it past the first year, when our contracts are up for renewal?) I'm watching Mad Dogs (yeah, I know, late to this particular party - can I just say it didn't look that appealing to me, from trailers and so on?)

My opinion so far (one ep into series two):

- enjoying it more than I thought
- but feel disturbed (a bit) by the extreme laddishness and even more so by the way the main female character is just this big, threatening mystery who ends up dead (though some genre sense of mine is tingling, saying that perhaps she'll turn up again, mysteriously alive, a season or two ahead - she seems too much of an unsolved mystery to just never appear again, no matter how dead she may seem)
- series' two female character is beginning to shape up in a similar way, I think? Just rename this show "Fear of Women" already, why don't you...
- what the fuck were they thinking dressing up and painting themselves like that for the big showdown? Did they think they could make the bad guys laugh themselves to death?
- Actually really enjoying Philip Glenister's body in this. Who'd a thunk? o.O
- Baxter's a bit of a shit, isn't he?
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This bit, from an article from the Radio Times, amused me:

"The film is an ambitious mix of improvised drama and 7 Up-style footage, shot in short bursts over five years, with John Simm and Shirley Henderson playing the fictional parents and the kids just being themselves. That’s not easy when you’re only three and Moaning Myrtle out of Harry Potter is pretending to be your mum and the Master from Doctor Who is your dad."
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and because I've recently been on a Simm kick, due to having a guest who also likes him, and also due to having watched Everyday:

How many times has he played prisoners, or ex-prisoners, or soon-to-be-prisoners, now? Sometimes it seems as if he never plays anything else!

I just saw a promo pic from Mad Dogs series 3 on tumblr, and guess what... he's in prison. Again. Though it's in Morocco for a change, so that should be different.

It's rather ironic that I first got to know him as a police officer!

Everyday (in which he plays a prisoner... of course) is really good, btw. It lingered with me for days.

Moving On, on the other hand (in which he plays an ex-prisoner) is kind of dire.


Mar. 24th, 2011 02:30 pm
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Are they doing this on purpose?

(I have a new hobby: Simm-Yorke photo matching. ... (Yes, it's possible that there is something more urgent I should be doing...))
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Q: Does John Simm look like Thom Yorke?/Does Thom Yorke look like John Simm?

A: Sometimes. Partly. Occasionally astonishingly so. Sometimes not at all.

Nose and eyebrows: almost identical (except Yorke's eyebrows are a bit straighter, whereas Simm's are a bit more curved.)

Facial shape: Yorke's is narrower. ETA: And longer. Look at that chin.

Mouth: Yorke's is a bit wider. Simm's lips are (possibly, a bit) fuller. Kinda hard to compare with the picture on the left, though, in which Yorke's lips were practically invisible due to lighting/colour issues. I had to play around with the colours to make them a bit more visible.

Hairline: Can't be compared in these pics, as Simm's is cut off, but other pictures show it's similar. Or was similar. They may be aging differently. Difficult to tell with Yorke and his various cases of Rock Star Hair.

Eyes: Hm.

Wouldn't be surprised to find out they share an ancestor, a few generations back.

Of course, this is only a frontal shot. Clearly I need to do this for a profile shot, too.

Clearly I need to start preparing my seminar.
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It has

1.) pics of John Simm fencing,


2.) Simon Pegg writing impromptu mpreg about himself and John Simm on twitter.

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about John Simm: in a suit, he looks smaller.
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Now with 100% more neck fetishism!

The chin (with stubble!) and lips don't hurt, either.
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I've just paid my quarter-annual (or so) visit to simm_daily and am surprised to discover that I like hardly any of the recent pics. Specifically, something about his facial expressions has turned odd. Maybe he's finally found his "I'm-being-photographed face"? Because one thing I notice is that all, or most of these pics look kind of the same. Anyway, there's something there that feels fake.

Or am I simply beginning to go off the Simm? Nah... that can't be it. Can it?

*hugs Sam Tyler*
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Because I just discovered these again on my webspace:

The very gorgeous John Simm emoting most beautifully all over the place.

(ETA: No particular connection between the titles of those files/links and the images, btw. I just randomly assigned all the words of the sentence one image each; so 'beautifully' is *not* the most beautiful, etc.)


Dec. 17th, 2008 09:01 pm
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Seems 'vague toe pain and what to do about it' is a topic that excites the minds hereabouts! ;-)

Thanks for all the replies. I don't have time/energy for individual replies today - my hour and a half of online time at work are almost over, and I'm also kind of really exhausted today. So, just a quick, err, heads-up on the toe matter, and other stuff:

1.) I've actually tried to go to the doctor today, only to find that he'd already left for his Christmas holiday. So I'll have to find another one (and pay extra) or wait till January. I am not *particularly* worried about the toe - I am aware that there's a 99.999% likelihood that it's something harmless - so I'm tempted to wait for January. Then again, the persistent pain is kinda annoying, so maybe I'll try a doctor near my parents' tomorrow after all. Oh, and to people who asked what the toe looks like, and how it reacts to being bent and prodded and whatnot: it looks completely normal, and has for all this time, even on the first couple of days when the pain was really strong; and poking, prodding, bending or pushing it with my fingers does not cause any pain beyond the dull ache that's already there.

2.) The next story arc, Torch, has begun at So far there's only seven pages, but they look seriously exciting. It seems that a lot of things that were only implicit until now are about to be made explicit. Carla Speed McNeil says that this is the beginning of the big story she always wanted to tell, and which will span the next three volumes of the series. So it seems that a lot of things are going to become explained, and a lot of dangling threads are about to be connected. I am excited and nervous - nervous, because it's kind of strange to be writing your thesis about what is in essence the prologue (or, in some cases, the epilogue?) to a much larger story that just happens to begin to be published as you're about to finish your thesis... A note to Finder newbies: from what I can see, this seems to be as good a place as any to jump in, and the seven pages that are up already give a surprisingly good introduction to the world of the comic, I think. I suspect that the story that's about to begin is going to feel a great deal more like an actual story than many of the previous offerings, which had more of a 'slice-of-life in a strange futuristic world' feel.

3.) I have figured out one small piece of the puzzle of why English is an erotic language to me. Specifically, why I enjoy *watching* people speak English: the "w" sound - a sound which does not exist in German - is essentially half a kiss placed on the air. 'course, it takes someone with nice lips to make this *really* erotic. (This finding brought to you by the scene in Miranda that has John Simm asking "why" four times in a row.)
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Which means we get beautiful scans like this in the online Simm sphere.

Highlander crossover. NOW. (Well, okay, maybe not now. Maybe it can wait until after the show has actually aired. But, uhm, yes. It's definitely a crossover that *needs* to be written. Sexby meets Methos. Slash optional - you know me, I prefer gen. ... Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
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I head over here, and read something like the interview linked here, and suddenly my heart's all aflutter again. I think this will go on my desktop now.

Kinda interesting how the interviewer says JS was the perfect interviewee. Older interviews often claim he has (or apparently used to have, anyway) a reputation for being difficult. I remember one interview which only started to really go anywhere once the interviewer, rather accidentally, hit on the topic of children/parenthood or something.

Somebody give that man an award already, btw. It's all kinds of ridiculous that he hasn't ever won anything yet.


Jan. 16th, 2008 01:46 am
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John Simm is killing me with his body language.
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You know, I still haven't made up my mind about whether he's good-looking or not. And that after a year and a half or so of fancying him.

I know he's *attractive*, in some hard to define way. But, good-looking? I don't know. I just don't know.

The journalist who called him "ugly-handsome", ages ago, was wrong, though. He's not ugly. Just kind of... utterly "normal" looking, sort of. Sometimes. Unspectacular, unremarkable.

And then something happens, now and then, and he turns... "startlingly attractive", I think some other journalist put it. And yeah, it is startling. Kind of mind-boggling, really.


I'm also amused by how he seems to be always the short one. Is he really that short, or do they just always team him up with giants?

Yikes, I'm looking at celebrity pics. What's wrong with me? *g*


Oct. 23rd, 2007 07:07 pm
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Enjoy, my fellow hand fetishists.

And, for an encore:
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After finishing catching up with only the fourth out of a couple dozen LJs on my 'indispensable' list last week I was interrupted by my offline Social Life in the guise of [ profile] nager, back from a year in Australia. This, naturally, called for an extended geeking out - the familiar two-computers/one-desk setup, how I missed it! - although after a couple of days I kinda exiled him from my room to go back to, or rather *start* working on one of the papers I still have to do for uni.

Now he's gone again, the flat feels strangely empty, and I *really* have to get back to working as hard as I can (I've been slacking off over the last couple of weeks). Catching up will resume, but will probably be slow. To be honest, I'll probably be sparse around here for the entire next year. Uni and work will only get more intense for the next twelve months at least.


And now for something completely different: youtube silliness.

Here's something especially for [ profile] knorgk:

You know why. :-)

And here's... something for people who think that John Simm being awkward on a stage in front of thousands, repeatedly trying to sneak off, and being called back like an unruly puppy is oddly endearing:
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So, while looking for a picture for a discussion somewhere else today I went through my DVD screencaps folder and found the caps I made for my 'this is my angsty face' icon a while back, i.e. all kinds of caps of John Simm as Sam Tyler, looking angsty. Sam angsts a lot. Nearly non-stop, in fact. Ho-leeeee smokes, John Simm can do angst. It's almost scary how well he does it. What's also scary is realising how much of my attraction to Life on Mars is based on wanting to hug Sam, pat him on the head, and kiss it all better. Yikes. Helper's complex, much?

(Of course, there's also a strong element of indentification here, as always when I'm obsessing about a fictional character. On the one hand, they're all 'objects' - of my gaze, of my fantasies, of my desire to help/heal, of my lust, whatever. On the other hand, on another level maybe, they're all 'me'. Frodo, Methos, John Crichton, the Doctor, Sam Tyler... all me, in one way or another. Actually, mostly in the same way, namely: their failure to belong.

I still haven't figured out if that means that my attraction to them is primarily narcissistic in nature.)

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