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Farscape. John-centric. Vignette/ficlet (ca. 1000 words). Angst (naturally).

Dead Man's Jacket

Let me know if there are any language/style issues - I made some changes after I ran it past my wonderful beta beccatoria, so there *may* be problems that were introduced due to my meddling with it after the betaing.
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Farscape is really cheap on, just today. If anyone wants to get into this - still my favourite ever - show, this might be a good opportunity. If you're in the U.S., or own a region-free DVD/Blueray player or whatever.
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Finished the miniseries (except for the last parts of the D'Argo minis, and the entirety of the Scorpius one) and started the "ongoing" series, which lasted for 22 issues, I think. The first few issues felt weaker, in terms of writing, but I think it's picking up again now. I also think the art has been getting better - both in terms of character likenesses, and things like composition and so on. I was actually somewhat impressed with the last issue I read, #6. Some of that was due to the colouring, I think (the quality of which still fluctuates a lot from issue to issue, it seems, but was quite good in this particular issue), but there were also some nice page layouts and such.

Man, I miss this show.
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- Played Samorost 2 (half of which I already played a few years ago): still as lovely as I remembered.

- Replayed Windosill (which I played completely, a few years ago): still one of the most unique, dream-like game experiences ever.

(Both of these are very short.)

- Played most of Botanicula, until I got to a point where I really need a mouse, which I don't have at the moment. Except for a couple of moments of mild frustration, it's up there with Windosill as one of the most joy-inducing games I've ever played. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Could do without the couple of dexterity-based minigames, but that's a minor quibble (and they're not that bad, really - two of them I managed even without a mouse, and only minor practice, and the third, I'm sure, I'll manage once I have a mouse again). Wish it was longer. It's longer than Windosill or Samorost 2, but still shorter than most full-length games.

- Started Machinarium and am around two thirds through, I think. Beautiful artwork; slightly frustrating puzzles (some of the time, anyway). I'm resorting to a walkthrough more often than I'd like, and it makes me feel as if I've gone stupid: I distinctly remember being able to solve these kinds of puzzles without help! (Well, the brain does start to shrink once you're past 30, doesn't it? ;-))

- Started Sword & Sworcery just now. Not sure yet what I think of the "ironic" dialogue, but the art and atmosphere are stunning. I've heard that this is a game that drags, for many people. At the moment I can't really imagine getting tired of the scenery, though, so as long as it stays this pretty, I imagine I'll be happy even if progress is slow. I'm taking it extra slow at the moment, in fact - often just stopping to take in the scenery, zooming out as far as I can to see all of it.


Read some more of the Farscape comics. Still enjoying them. The art in some of the D'Argo arcs is actually good (though sometimes marred by bad colouring.)
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Science laughable, even by FS's standards.

But: mass vomiting saves the day! :D

They even went where the show itself never *quite* went, and had Moya vomiting. If you can call it that, with a creature that doesn't technically have a mouth.
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I've started reading the Farscape comics (the Boom version, not the earlier, short-lived one), thanks to some recent encouragement. The art, sadly though not unexpectedly, is atrocious. The writing, however, is quite good. In particular, the characters' voices and interactions are spot-on. So far the comics are making me quite happy.

The main writer seems to be Keith R.A. DeCandido - whom I mainly remember as a member of a DS9 message board I used to frequent in 1999/2000, so on some level of my mind this feels rather like reading fan fiction. *g* For that matter, he's written a good deal of fanfic, if I remember correctly - though that was mostly Hercules and Xena, I think. Some Highlander as well (crossed with Hercules and/or Xena, I think). I know he's also written Farscape tie-in novels. Maybe I should check those out... I think I actually may have one of them lying around somewhere, though I think that may be the second part of a two-parter.

Speaking of tie-in stuff. There's a series of Highlander audio plays from the same company that does the often rather good Doctor Who audio stuff. Does anyone here know anything about those? Are they worth checking out? (How much Methos is there in them? ;-))

Oh, and does anyone know anything about the Farscape "minisodes" that are supposed to air sometime this year on the Nerdist youtube channel? I haven't been able to find much info, but the little I've found says they're "classic" ones, not new ones. I don't remember any previous Farscape "minisodes", though. Did I miss something? (Were they really terrible, maybe, and I've blanked them out? ;-))


Mar. 13th, 2012 03:27 am
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Meant to go to bed, but suddenly felt like writing a tiny little bit yet. So I opened my throwaway Farscape ficlet that's been sort of hanging around since, err, 2008? And is kind of the definition of unnecessary fic, as it's just a completely run-of-the-mill bit of John angst?

So I haven't been working very hard on it, ever, because it's just not that interesting - it's just this thing that was sort of around, and occasionally I'd add a bit or subtract a bit or shift a few sentences around, idly, when I wanted to write but didn't feel like immersing myself in something more challenging/time-consuming. So I did that today again - and it's kind of almost finished now. o.O

Not *quite* finished yet. But maybe in a few days.

Couldn't this kind of "whoops, I accidentally almost finished this" thing happen to one of my main fics, for a change? *grumble*
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Are there any sf shows (beside Farscape and Doctor Who, that is) that actually excel at evoking a sense of wonder? Because for all of Who's defects, that *is* something it does very well indeed. And so did Farscape, though the wonder was tinged a darker shade there fairly consistently (instead of just occasionally, as it is in Who).

It happens to be one of the main reasons why I like sf. It's sad it's so rare in the tv incarnations of the genre.
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is that I always get tempted away from social things by books or comics (mostly books and comics, that is. Occasionally TV or games.)

I really think, sometimes, that I need therapy to learn to cope with *people*. It can't be normal that even *pleasant* social interaction is so draining for me that I shy away from it, can it?

I've been job hunting and doing housework and reading, mostly. Yes, I stopped the LJ catch-up almost immediately after I'd started. There was a rather large number of interesting job ads recently, but that's no excuse, really.


Have some recs:

[ profile] beccatoria made another awesome Farscape vid! Actually, I'm sure she's made at least a dozen good vids recently, because she went a bit crazy last month and tried (possibly even managed?) to make one vid(let) per day. So head over there and enjoy!

Did you realise you can read shitloads of classics of the fantastic genres for free on I've decided it's time to check out some of that old stuff, and have read Peter Pan and am currently reading The Napoleon of Notting Hill (I read The Man Who Was Thursday years ago, though maybe a reread is in order...) Peter Pan was much odder, and darker, than I expected. TNoNH is about as odd as I expected, because after TMWWT I expect major weirdness from Chesterton. Got any recs of other old stuff I should check out? Maybe A Voyage to Arcturus? That's definitely available there. Or I could try to get back into News from Nowhere, I started that two years ago and then was interrupted by uni stuff...

I've also reread two webcomics I'd more or less stopped checking regularly because they were (and still are) in the habit of going on really long hiatuses. They're both really really good, though. Dicebox is social science fiction with beautiful art and very three-dimensional characters and relationships. Hero is fantasy with religous/mythological overtones, possibly set after some apocalyptic(?) conflict between some analogues between the forces of heaven and hell. Or something. Beautiful digital watercolour manga art, and a surprising sense of humour. (For even more webcomics, check out the links in my sidebar here.)

I've spent a bit of time playing flash games, too:

I really enjoyed Little Rocket, despite the fact that it took me ridiculously long to learn how to control the rocket. But when I finally had the hang of it, I played the entire game through twice.

Endeavor is a nice, big-pixeled exploration platformer.

Looming plays like an extremely minimalist, retro version of Myst.

Seasons is another beautiful web toy/experience by the maker of Windosill.

The Dreamerz (don't ask me about the stupid "z"!) is a charming little point-and-click adventure that feels like you're reading a slightly surreal picture book.

And Transform is another example of patented Eyemaze madness. In other words, it's awesome.


I just rediscovered a very fitting old tag so I'm using it...
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Note: Improbably, this is a sequel to Simple Things 1: Rise and Shine, posted something like eight or nine years ago. For the longest part of that time about half of this 'fic' lay in my virtual drawer, until - sometime this year - I decided to finally finish it. It's hardly worthy of the name fic - it's merely a little vignette-thingy. It was intended as an exercise in writing a Moya crew scene with a focus on dialogue. So, don't expect awesomeness.

Thanks: to my beta, beccatoria, formerly known as Scapekid, who - here as in so many other fics - saved me from the Dread Cheesy Ending.

Simple Things 2: The Breakfast of Losers

"Hand me the cornflakes, will you?"

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whenever my new scapee expresses his admiration for Farscape's eleven-years-old CGI... You'd think I'd created it myself. :D

It really is quite good, though, even by today's standard's. There's a lot of shows on the air today - current shows! - that have worse effects than Farscape had back then. I mean, Doctor Who frequently looks 'cheaper' than Farscape!

My new convert's really appreciative of the locations, too - all that Australian countryside modified with imaginative sets. And he enjoys the critters. Today he asked if a certain species was going to be important, just based on their looks - because in almost any other show, a species looking that nifty would definitely not be wasted on 'unimportant' background stuff. But that's Farscape for you - it's incredibly generous with its creature designs. They really were just unimportant background characters.

My convert (let's call him Subject X, shall we?) doesn't just like the look of the show, of course. I just particularly enjoy seeing him enjoying that aspect of the show, because usually when you watch an 'older' show, you may enjoy the writing and the characters and so on, but more often than not, you'll feel it just doesn't look that great anymore.
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Something potentially very interesting just happened to two of my pointless leftover FS bunnies from 2004. I think it's killed them dead, but that's fine, because I also think they'll be resurrected, in a similar but much less pointless form, as parts of a larger fic whose vague outlines just revealed themselves to me. Suddenly there's a possibility for some sort of progression and hence, an actual story, there. So, yay.

Alas, it's also a lot more challenging than the two pointless snippets were, so it may be a while... a long while.

But then, you're used to that from me, aren't you? *g*

(ETA: on the upside: by combining these two bunnies into one, I'm effectively reducing my To Do list by one! Go me!! :D)


Totally overdosed on season one with my new scapee yesterday night - until sometime after four a.m., in fact. And with the other friend with whom I've been watching FS for the past several years I'm about to reach the end; we're right in the middle of the Kansas/Terra Firma/Constellation of Doubt cluster of eps, and will probably finish the show in our next session. I guess between those S4 eps and heavy exposure to S1!John I'm in a mood quite conducive to working on FS fic, as all of this is really throwing all of John's home and alienation issues into very sharp relief, and those are my major theme.
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I'm currently finishing watching Farscape with a friend. We've recently reached the mid-point of season four; Terra Firma's coming up tonight. It's just two sessions to the finish. We want to finish this before I go to Hamburg for my next internship, because it'll be November before I come back. We already got interrupted for a long period when I was writing my thesis.

I've also just begun watching Farscape with a new "victim" ;-). We're in early season one still (we've only had one watching session yet).

It's really strange to see the beginning of the show and the end of it in such close conjunction. Really brings home all the changes in John.

I'm looking forward to Terra Firma... Bit annoyed that it's followed by two of the worst eps of the entire show, though (Twice Shy, and Mental As Anything - the latter is one of the few eps I've been known to refuse to rewatch. I will rewatch it tonight, though - maybe I can find some redeeming features?)
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The TBFC is still the coolest fan event I've experienced. (Yes, including my one and so far only Worldcon. Though that was pretty great, too.)

For some bizarre reason, there are few things more relaxing than falling asleep in a sleeping bag on an inflatable mattress in front of an ep of Farscape (or something else) that's being projected onto a wall at half past two a.m. Never mind that sleeping bags are never particularly comfortable, and neither are inflatable mattresses; never mind that in any other situation it would be impossible to sleep through the kind of noise produced by a subwoofer etc., not to mention the guy snoring merrily away two mattresses over from yours. Both nights I spent there I fell asleep with the most extraordinary feeling of peace and contentment.

Which is, probably, a slightly odd thing to feel while watching/falling asleep during the more angsty and dramatic eps of Farscape - but there it is. It's largely due to the company, I think.

Farscape is, of course, still *the* best at delivering 'my' kind of angst. Oh John. *hugs her astronut*

We fell asleep to Liars, Guns and Money yesterday, which is pretty much the apex of Scorpy-induced John!angst. John, pulling a gun on Stark. John, trying to put the explodey stuff on the cooling rod, talking to himself, swatting at the voices in his head. John confronting Scorpy, defying him with a desperate joke, shaking and contorted with the effort of even that much resistance, then crawling away singing. (Seeing a clip of that scene in English, back in 2000 or 2001, was what made me realise I really needed to see this show in its original language - there was no way the German dubbing could have captured the mix of despair and defiance in Ben Browder's voice.)

And that's just the first ep of the three-parter, of course. In the third part, we actually see the exact moment John breaks - in the middle of a firefight, after a last act of resistance, an inarticulate scream and some helpless gun-pointing. There's a point at which he just stops: stops screaming, lowers the gun, and just stands there, right in the line of fire - blood trickling from his nose, a terrifying sign that there is something very wrong indeed inside his brain... Aeryn has to bodily push him away to save his life, and for the rest of the firefight he sits by the side looking dazed and empty, the blood from his nose now copious, while gorgeous, deadly Aeryn defends him from Scorpius's peacekeepers with her big gun.

Oh, John.

(And no, the gender-bending symbols in that scene are not of my invention, they're in there all right. That's Farscape for you. The woman shoots; the man bleeds. And this is not an anime nosebleed.)
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I don't know what's going on with my brain, but I've recently fallen deeply in love again with the Miles Vorkosigan books, the manga series 20th Century Boys, and Farscape. Not that I'd ever particularly fallen *out* of love with any of these, especially not the latter, but my feelings have definitely... intensified lately.

I've also been reading fic outside of my usual fandoms (and a little bit within them, too), have been watching vids, have taken up reccing vids at [ profile] fs_10percent again, and have been breeding bunnies by the dozen. Oh, and I've gotten back to writing, finally, thank [insert deity]. So far, I've only worked a bit on a throwaway Farscape fic that's a mere two years old and really kind of redundant and not very good (honestly, I think I said everything I could say about Farscape in Normal already, and everything I write now in that universe is just an unnecessary reiteration of some aspect of that fic. Then again, of course, fandom is just the place for reiterations...), but the Life on Mars bunnies are hopping, too. Hopping like *mad*, in fact. And, [insert deity] help me, I've almost resigned myself to the fact that I'll have to write an Avatar fic, despite finding the movie weak in nearly every aspect except the visual. There's one bunny that just. won't. leave me alone.

Annoyingly, I have rather a lot of RL stuff on my plate at the moment, which means my fannish energies have to be contained to some degree, which is a shame.
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... is alive again. I think.

Go here: [ profile] fs_10percent.

Kick my ass if I ever let it fall out of use for so long again.
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I will demonstrate the rightness of the above claim to you in a moment. But first, get a pair of headphones. Because listening to Phideaux works best with headphones. This is a true surround-sound experience: Phideaux's music is in the psychedelic-operatic mode.

Oh, and another note, about LastFM: You should be able to listen to every song, fully and for free, exactly three times per month. You don't need an account there.

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Completely unrelated to fannish obsessions, this is a supremely beautiful song about grief. Give it a listen, too. I think it's my favourite at the moment:
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Instead, I went on a Farscape fic reading spree. For the first time in, what... seven years? *boggles*

I need, need, need to scape someone.

Also, if this continues, I may have to reinstate one of my old Farscape LJ icons...

Actually, why don't I do that right now? I'm not producing enough meta to justify the meta icon anyway; so begone, meta icon! And welcome back, Farscape angst icon!


Oct. 27th, 2009 02:23 am
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Oh, John. Oh, Farscape.

So many kinds of angst.


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