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I don't think I have been this excited about fic since I first discovered it in 1998.

I just named my brand new fic download folder "FIC! OMG FIC!" It just felt natural.
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I was busy reading all the Doctor Who fic but then it suddenly occurred to me that I've never seriously checked out Twin Peaks fic, ever, so I went and read all of that, and now I urgently have to make a definitive recs post but don't have the time.

The joy of coming back to reading fanfiction after a long pause is finding that since you last checked any archive, a million new stories have been posted...
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I have such strong cravings for specific fic scenarios. There's oodles of DW fic, of course, but what I want is so specific I haven't been able to find anything like it among that cornucopia yet... I also still absolutely crave Laundry fic (a mini fandom with a total of 15 stories on AO3, on last count *sigh*)... And I still kind of want a sequel to my favourite LoM fic from back in the day.

This is all very frustrating.
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This started as a reply to this post, which I found via [ profile] metafandom and which happened to partly address something I've been thinking about a bit recently. It quickly turned into this rambly essay thingie I really couldn't afford to write (I should have been doing university stuff). It's still very 'off the cuff', but realistically, I don't think I'll have the time to restructure and rewrite it; I need to get a move on with some uni stuff in the next couple of days, and that's unfortunately more important than meta. So I'll post it now, unfinished as it is.

This is interesting to me because I am currently writing - for the first time in all my years of writing fanfic - something I am intensely uncomfortable with, and my discomfort is largely related to what you address here:

Read more... )
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... hier lang.

Ungebetat und in Eile formatiert; um Korrekturen und Anmerkungen wird gebeten. Wenn Euch was auffällt.

Warnung: allerheftigste Spoiler für das Ende von Life On Mars.
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During my recent stay in the north of Germany, where I was working on (at? my brain's too fried to handle prepositions now) a dig, I managed to write three pages of a new, semi-plotty LOM fic in the evenings. I also significantly revised and improved the work in progress that used to be known (or not) as "the untitled Maya fic", was later renamed "Moving On", and has now been renamed again. It's called "Möglichkeitssinn" now, thus continuing my tradition of giving my Life On Mars fics incomprehensible German titles. (Yes, the fic itself is in English. What did you think?)

I've also translated "Auf dem Sprung in die Tiefe verhungern" into German. Will probably post it here one of these days.
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Eindeutig: Google Translate will mich umbringen:

Ich hätte mich fast totgelacht! Ja, ja, Ventilatorerfindung ist schon ein großartiges Hobby. Da kann nicht mal Schrägstricherfindung mithalten...

(Bin allerdings ziemlich geschmeichelt/überrascht, daß meine Seite anscheinend unter den ersten zehn Resultaten ist, wenn man nach 'methos fanfic' googlet.)

Mehr Spaß im Leben mit Google Translate )
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Rewriting, and in some cases also translating some of my older fics has made me aware of some... odd patterns. Most specifically,

1.) OFCs in my fics seem to end up dead a whole lot. Am I one of those rumoured misogynist fanfic writers?


2.) I seem to have a thing about the smell of blood.

I don't want to think too much about either of those; they're both fairly disturbing!
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The first round of rewriting 'Sometimes We Believe' is done, but there'll be at least another round or two, I think. So far, it's going well. I didn't just cut stuff (not as much as I thought, so far - but that may change with the next go) but also added some, improved some dialogue (I think), and made it a good deal nastier just by adding a sentence or two I sort of shied away from back then. It's a Horsemen story, after all. It needs nastiness.

I also think I will update my old HL recs page fairly soon. I have three 'new' authors I want to rec there, but I want to read a bit more yet before I do the update.

(BTW: Got any really awesome Methos stories you want to rec me? Rec away!)

Ah, I'm all with the HL love right now, or rather, all with the HL fic love. First thing I did today was read two beautiful pieces by [ profile] amonitrate which are among the very few stories about Alexa's death that I can really recommend. What am I saying - recommend? I *order* you to go and read them, right now! Perfectly in-character, non-sappy Methos, and a nice Joe in the second one, to boot. I like outside POV stories for Methos.

With a new verse the ancient rhyme:

The Heart of Light:

Gotta go - uni calls! (Ugh.)
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If you feel like reccing it somewhere more permanently than on LJ I'd prefer it if you link there, especially as I've made some more small changes to the text and probably won't add them to the LJ version.

Even if that means getting less feedback, I'd like for people to read the 'definitive version'. *g*
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... is now beta'd and ready to be posted to, well, wherever.

Hey. Why not here first?

Okay... any spelling or punctuation errors you find, please tell me about. Other comments are welcome as well - be they critical or appreciative. As I said, it's been beta read (by the very thorough and wonderful Scapekid), but we're all just human. There's always oversights, and there's always room for improvement.

BTW, I think this is probably the slowest continuously-worked-on fanfic even *I* have ever written, and *that*, ladies and gentlemen, is saying something, 'cos after all, I'm Hmpf MacSlow!

Click here for the Farscape fic that took almost as long to write as the show was on the air yet is still weirdly short for all the time invested in it. Also, this was the only fic I sort-of-finished in 2005. I hope I'll do better in 2006 )
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I’ve always maintained that Farscape must be the most ‘fanficcy’ series there ever was. They did angst with ‘The Choice’, and now they’ve done a coming home fic. Yes, ‘Terra Firma’ was pure and utter fanfic. Oh, don’t worry, it was *good*. It was, in fact, very good, from the lush colours and meditative music and the dreamy quality of the beginning to the moving scenes between John and his family. The only thing that really annoys me is that DK’s death was treated so cavalierly. Still, as I said, it was a very, very good ep.
‘Kansas’ was just good, not *very* good, and it had more elements that slightly annoyed me than ‘Terra Firma’ did. But even ‘Kansas’ was pure fanfic. John talking to his mom; John losing his virginity to Chiana – it doesn’t get much more fanfic than that!
But, back to ‘Terra Firma’, which just may make it into my top ten. John pointing a gun at his father (well, okay, that was actually the end of ‘Kansas) – fanfic. John sitting on the pier writing in his diary – fanfic. Aeryn taking Jack to Saturn – fanfic. Everyone talking to Aeryn about her relationship – fanfic. It being Christmas time – fanfic. Political problem arising from alien technology – fanfic. John talking to his sister – fanfic. All of those are very familiar topoi to a fanfic reader. Ricky Manning certainly knows what fans want to see... no one can tell me that that man has never read a fic.

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