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I feel I should state here that I'm home safe, and have been since Sunday night. The lack of updates here was due to the unavailability of time and power sockets in my last few days at the Greenpeace warehouse. :-) I made some notes on my notepad, though, which I will post here later this week. For now, though, I'm rather busy catching up with my uni course.
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I visited here today.

Oh, and:

Dec. 10th, 2009 09:22 pm
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No rioting here so far. The police are apparently so bored they have to come and check on us several times a day because there's not enough for them to do. ;-)
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Today I was very glad to have my monster winter jacket, which I initially bought for a winter dig years ago, and which is too warm for 99% of all middle-European winter situations, because today I had my first ride on an inflatable.

It was just a glorified taxi ride, really. But, still. It felt a bit like some sort of rite of passage. *g*

It was very cold and very wet, and I'm seriously considering using my hair dryer on my trousers now...

Oh, and yesterday I forgot to mention the Massive Group Hug. Yes, we really *are* (as someone grumbled), "fucking hippies". (It wasn't really a group hug, though. More like a giant, 200-person put-your-arms-across-your-neighbours'-shoulders... thing. But it was as close as you can get to a group hug with 200 people.)
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- Fourth night of sleeping here; every bone hurts.

- Showers still cold, food still great. There was cake today in the afternoon, for no particular reason at all. <3

- Dammit, I can't remember any of the many things I meant to post here today!

- We (collectively, or rather, in five teams of about four people each) made 2400 placards today, for the big demo on Saturday. At some point we were down to just a few seconds per placard.

- Sort of scaping someone. I think.

- Why so little politics and actions talk here? 1.) We don't actually hear that much here, or at least not many specifics and 2.) what we do hear, we're strongly encouraged not to share. But, really, mostly 1.)

- These guys piggy-backed on one of our actions today, I think. Or at least they were in the same place, just a little while after our group, and wearing coats in exactly the same colour as our group had.

- An alarming number of people are coughing all around me.

- Scottish is the Schwyzerd├╝tsch(sp?) of the English language. Or possibly it's the Bavarian of the English language.

- I should go to bed, but we're watching an interesting movie here, about the Rainbow Warrior and the very earliest GP generatoin. I don't understand half of it, though, as it's mostly in Dutch. Maybe it would make more sense for me to find a subtitled copy sometime. Hm.

- Gah. My back hurts. My knees hurt. My hip hurts.
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Okay, first you need to know that this strategy will only work if the bathroom itself is warm. Thankfully, that is the case here.

Right. Are you ready? Do you know where your towel is? Good.

First step:

Undress. Find a dry place to put your clothes and towels.

Second step:

Step into the shower and turn it on. Discover that it's cold. (Try to do this step without actually getting very wet!) Retreat and regroup.

Third step:

Borrow a washcloth from a fellow shower user. (A clean one!) Step back into the shower. Stand as far back as possible and turn it on again. Hold the washcloth under the water and switch the shower off again.

Fourth step:

Lather up using the washcloth.

Fifth step:

Turn the shower on again, and get the washcloth dripping wet. Turn the shower off. Rinse with the washcloth.

Sixth step:

Walk over (yes, still naked!) to the washbasin. Bend over and get as much of your hair wet as you can manage without knocking yourself out with the tap. That'll mostly be the long, bottom part. (If you have short hair, skip this step.)

Seventh step:

Go back to the shower, switch it on, and very quickly use it to wet your scalp. You have to bend over for this, but you'll still get misted a bit by cold water. Switch the shower off again.

Eighth step:

Shampoo your hair.

Ninth step:

Go back to the washbasin, bend over, rinse the long part of your hair. (Short-haired people get to skip this step as well.)

Tenth step:

Now go back to the shower, and use it to rinse your scalp, bending over again.

Eleventh step:

Congratulations, you're done!
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Nah, kidding. I think my laptop is even worse at dealing with cold water than I am.

So. Bad news of the day: my camera just broke.

Pleasant discovery of the day: raw beets are awesome!

And now:

How to Take a Shower Without Taking a Shower

Err, actually, it's lunch time. I'll be back later, 'kay?
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Yesterday's dinner buffet:

- three different kinds of pasta
- a very good tomato sauce with vegan minced-meat substitute (seitan)
- a green sauce I didn't try
- chickpea and eggplant salad
- tomato salad with croutons
- carrot and eggplant salad
- olives
- some other salads and stuff I forgot

I think there was also soup and bread and vegetarian spreads left over from the afternoon buffet ("Afternoon buffet", you ask? Well... we're basically like hobbits here, eating all through the day. ;-) Except for the unfortunate ones who are out in the city doing their assigned tasks...) Anyway, yesterday the evening buffet was a bit crowded because there were some 300 peope around, so I didn't check out everything. There were a couple of speeches and presentations and so on after dinner, hence the crowd.

Later on there were homemade sweets and cookies, or at least I think they were made in our kitchen here. They looked too irregular for commercial ones. They were great, too.

In other news, my "6 a.m. to 2 p.m." sleeping rhythm doesn't mix very well with a work schedule that requires me to get up at 7 a.m., so today, after two nights of very little sleep, I'm knackered. I think I'll go to bed early tonight. Like, *really* early. Possibly right after dinner. Unfortunately there's a tv crew with us at the moment who are going to be filming here all night for a "a day and a night with Greenpeace" kind of thing, so there's a chance I'll be exposed to the world as a wimp who goes to bed at 8 p.m. at the biggest environmental event in recent history... but I think I'll survive. *g* Or at least, I have a good chance of surviving if I actually manage to get some sleep tonight...

This is the fourth tv crew that has filmed here since I arrived, btw. For some reason, most of them were French. I was told that the French in general aren't very fond of us; maybe this is some strange "know your enemy" thing? ;-)

BTW, if you're curious about what is actually going on outside our warehouse, here in Copenhagen, the Guardian blog is a pretty good source for the latest info:
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Well, I joked, before coming here, about being willing to clean toilets, and I did actually clean a toilet today (just one, though). So, yeah, cleaning - mainly in the four apartments where those who are a bit more equal than others are staying ;-) - is part of my job. I accidentally stole our new Big Boss's sheets... I thought I had to change them and didn't realise we didn't have any to replace them with. Whoops... We thought about leaving a note: "Sorry we stole your sheets. You really should have brought a sleeping bag like we did, though!"

Joking and references to Animal Farm aside, the 'big brass' here don't actually live a life of luxury. They do get to sleep in real rented flats rather than bunks in a warehouse, but those flats are packed, and some people get to sleep on mattresses and even bunks on the floor. So, yeah. Maybe not as egalitarian as one would like, ideally, but not exactly the VIP suite, either.

So... other than those exciting Adventures In Cleaning, I didn't do much today. That is to say, the cleaning today turned out to be a full day's work, mainly because our group isn't complete yet so we only had four people to do that job. Plus, we had to get the flats ready for new occupants today. We'll hopefully be able to divide the work up between more people tomorrow and the days after that, and possibly even end up with some spare time. Possibly. Maybe. *g* (Okay, maybe not.

So... what else is there to tell? I think there's a big meeting tonight, and they've set up chairs and something that looks like it's supposed to be a screen for showing films or pictures, so there'll be... something, later in the evening. First, though, I really need to get some food, because with all the work today, there wasn't actually any time to eat.

And now my computer is acting up a bit and I think I should do a virus check, because I'm in the less secure network connection mode here. The more secure one doesn't seem to work on the laptop. Grmpf.


Dec. 6th, 2009 10:20 am
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I just found the head of Nicolas Sarkozy in my bed!


(They're building a float right next to my bunk.)
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There's a French tv team here at the moment so we've interrupted/postponed our morning activities and so I've come by an unexpected bit of free time. Hence, a morning update!

Morning is actually a good time to plug in your computer: there are more free sockets in the morning than in the evening...

So. I already know (and knew beforehand, really) why I'll never be a hardcore activist (nor a hardcore archaeologist, either): I don't cope well with bad sanitary facilities.

They're not *that* bad here, really. But there's only cold water (in the showers apparently there is, intermittently, also the option of 'scalding hot'), and - this is my main issue: there are no hooks to put your clothes or any stuff on in the toilet stalls and in the washroom. I've tried balancing my stuff on the toilet paper holder, but that's round, so it's difficult to stack a heap of clothes and a bag of toiletries on it! I've already dropped most of my stuff on the toilet floor... thankfully, not my toothbrush so far. Wish me luck...

Okay, enough whining. It's really not that bad; not as bad as your average dig, anyway! ;-)

What else is there to tell? Mostly good news about warmth, really. No, not climate-related. Just clothes... and stuff. Item the first: I borrowed my mum's thermo trousers and boy, was that a good idea or what. They're fabulous. Super-warm and comfy, like a piece of home you can wear...

Also, tonight was the first time I used my new, warmer sleeping bag (the one I've been using till now was a twenty year old model that was very drafty by now), and that is fabulous, too. Mind you, I still couldn't go to sleep, and as a result overslept and almost missed breakfast and the first briefing - but fortunately the tv team delayed that a bit, so I had a chance to have some tasty organic chocolate spread on tasty organic bread. I'd like to blame my sleep trouble on the fact that the sleeping hall stank of gasoline like a garage, but I think really it was just my chronic sleep problem acting up.

Well, I think I should go get another cup of tea now, and possibly check my e-mail. TTYL.
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The connection's ridiculously bad, though, and there aren't enough power outlets (my poor laptop needs one because the battery is gone), so I doubt I'll be posting much. But, hey! Connection to the world: check.

So. I arrived safely today, after a one-night stopover at my aunt's. The train was full of activists and delegates and so on - you could tell by the reading matter and conversations all around. (And some of the activists and protesters did look the part, too. We've all been asked to wear neutral clothing, but I don't think anybody got a special, neutral haircut for the occasion... *g*)

Didn't see anything of the city yet - as expected - but may get some opportunity for that tomorrow. (Plus, possibly we'll be visiting one of the Greenpeace ships tomorrow. Two of them are here at the moment.) After tomorrow we'll mostly be working, though, so there won't be much tourist-like activity.

Accommodation is *very* basic - which is also pretty much as expected. We're staying at this warehouse complex in the harbour area, and we're sleeping on military-issue (I think) bunks. I'm going to go to bed in a moment, as we have to get up really early in the morning.

Food, on the other hand, is unexpectedly awesome. Vegan/vegetarian *and* very tasty! (Interesting discovery of the day: there is a vegetarian/vegan minced meat substitute which looks and tastes pretty much exactly like the original - which is actually not so awesome for me, because I don't *like* minced meat, even leaving aside the 'meat' issue. I don't like the texture, never did. Anyway, the chili-like stew we ate today was still great, even if I had to leave some of the meat substitute stuff.)

Well... and this is me signing off. Good night!

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