Mar. 5th, 2011 08:04 pm
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Two radically different interpretations of the venerable sport of cat bowling:

The traditional version.

The Japanese take on it.


Feb. 22nd, 2011 12:57 pm
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Just told the museum people... (Couldn't quite muster the courage yesterday.) They were so very nice on the phone. Now I'm even more sad to be leaving...

You know, I'm really risking a year of almost guaranteed happiness for a chance at an interesting challenge here. I know with almost total certainty that in many ways, I'm going to be quite unhappy very soon, possibly for a fairly long while. Will the job make up for that?

Am I even up to this kind of long-term challenge? Or am I setting myself up for some dramatic failure here?

Too late to wonder now, of course. I've made my decision.


These cats in hats only minimally alleviate my angst at the moment:

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here, have some real animals behaving like cartoon characters: (the title of the post makes the video about 200% funnier)
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because the kittens are particularly active at the moment:
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Kittens here have reached maximum cuteness stage. (Three weeks old, tails still pointy, walking/wobbling around with much enthusiasm.)

Yep, I'll be getting to the comments now.
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- Dexter: I want to read an AU fic in which... hmm, how to write about this in a non-spoilery way? ... ah yes. I want to read a fic in which Dexter follows through on what he said in 2.11 to Doakes he was considering, and what Doakes was encouraging him to do. And I want Doakes to be there, and the two of them to (continue to) develop this strange almost-but-not-quite buddy relationship. Yes. I know. Deeply AU. But I so want to read that. (Did I mention I loved Dexter and Doakes to bits in season 2? *Almost* in a slashy way, even.)

- There are cat caf├ęs in Japan. I need to move to Japan, clearly.

- Fennel is good. I didn't know that.

- A huge percentage of press articles about comics really do have titles like "Pow! Bang! Zap! Comics [grow up/go online/aren't just for kids anymore/get Japanese competition/aren't just for boys anymore/...]"

- Recent discussions about the DVD release of the latest Highlander movie on the one big HL list I'm still lurking on have demonstrated to me again that HL can be an extremely strange fandom. The fandom, including the list, was pretty unanimous in its hatred of the movie. Yet now everybody seems to be eager to buy the DVD. WTF, people? Stop buying crap that you recognise as crap, or the producers of said crap will *never* stop producing it!

I mean, I realise it's none of my business what other people do with their money. But, still. *shakes head*

- Since I mentioned cats above: Proof that the laws of nature only apply to cats in a very loose sense:

- Actually tried restarting my social life, these past few days, meeting with a couple of friends and with my old jewellery making 'mentor'.

- My meeting with one of these friends showed me that I can only watch LoM series 2 in the company of extremely patient (and thoroughly spoiled) people, because I tend to rant at the screen now.

- I'm sick as a dog.

The cat

May. 23rd, 2007 02:08 am
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Today, when I came home from work, the cat was sitting on the stairs. The cat is old, 14, maybe 15 years, and moved here relatively recently with two women who live in the flat beneath ours. He goes outside a couple of times per day and, when he wants to be let back in, lets the world know so by miaowing piercingly and persistently outside the door - either downstairs, if the back door happens to be closed, or up on the third floor, in front of 'his' door. He's the loudest cat I've ever met. (He sounds like a medium-sized elephant when running down the stairs.)

He's also talkative. When I meet him on the stairs, all too rarely, he greets me by miaowing loudly and doing that little tail quiver cats do. I can't help it; I have to miaow back at him, although I don't know what kind of 'message' I may be sending by doing that. (I've always been a compulsive miaower when interacting with cats - to the confusion of many a feline, I'm sure!) He usually replies, and we can keep that kind of 'dialogue' up for quite a while.

When he sits in front of 'his' door I usually squat down to give him a thorough petting. He purrs louder than any other cat I've ever known.
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The cats I'm talking about all the time:
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Stroking a sleeping young cat's paws.
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... left me with sudden surges of love for my two partners in crime, Dashan and AnduraNova. (Please, everybody who's reading this -- no jealousy... I love you, too! *g*)

So, we were at Dashan's today, watching and discussing our latest work in progress ('Peacekeeper' by Fleetwood Mac), and indulging in (fan)girl talk... Heh... I'm not the only one who's developed a strange fondness for a male with a tail this week! And the guy AnduraNova is currently fond of is actually even weirder than mine! LOL... Oh, and we watched the cats, of course. Watching cats is always a worthwhile pastime. So is eating, and drinking tea.

Is it normal to be so deeply grateful to have certain people in your life?

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