Nov. 6th, 2014 09:42 pm
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I noticed, going back through my writing tag to see if I'd posted about the novel before, that I made several posts about the bizarre response patterns of The MAD Doctrine's reception. One of the things I noted in those entries was that it only ever got one comment on AO3, and that comment was from a reader who didn't know LoM. I'm baffled to report that this is now officially a pattern: the only other comment the fic ever received there is also from a non-LoM reader! o.O It's like this story is already being received as if it was original fiction, not fanfic - no need to file off the serial numbers! (At least on AO3. The two comments it received on may be from LoM readers, though it's impossible to tell for sure. And yes, two comments on AO3 and two comments on is all the feedback it ever engendered after the intial posting on lifein1973, where it received a fair bit - and this is also an interesting thing to observe, considering it's probably head and shoulders above anything else I've written.)

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