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is done, I think. Or at least the first draft is done, at 3,540 words.

Also been writing some fic recently, adding some 1,000 words to the old LoM crossover, heh. (And I also finished a very inconsequential Farscape ficlet this year, pretty much out of extreme frustration because I hadn't finished any fic at all in nearly two years. I'll have to send that out for betaing sometime, but it's kinda hard to make myself, because it's such a pointless little not-even-really-a-story. Maybe I should post it un-beta'd instead. It's frankly not worth the time it would take someone to beta it.)

I also reread The MAD Doctrine today, for the first time in quite a while, and... HOLY SHIT. IT'S SO GREAT. HOW DID I WRITE SOMETHING THIS GOOD?!?

Seriously thinking of filing the serial numbers off that one, expanding it a bit to add the necessary background, and trying to sell it as original fiction. (Well okay, it's probably not quite good enough as a standalone story, because it's hard to do something genuinely new with a time travel story. But wow, is it a good fic... Best thing I ever wrote, by quite a margin.)

ETA: Link added. In case there's anyone here who hasn't read the story, or would like to reread, or whatever.

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